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Aung San Road, Monywa, Myanmar. The Glorious Monywa Hotel is located in Monywa and offers a bar and free WiFi. Monywa King & Queen Hotel, Myanmar: It is a big plus in Monywa (very hot and dry area). Myanmar and Chinese food is served at the hotel.

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It is 1 min walking distance from the sea. The Monywa Hotel offers a free WiFi and WiFi. A 24-hour reception is also available for you. Each unit in the hotel is provided with a water boiler. All rooms have their own bathrooms, some rooms are furnished with a disc drive.

Rooms at the Monywa Hotel have A/C and a closet. There is a continuous, traditional or à la cart breakfasts available every day.

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Enjoy the tranquillity and tranquillity of Monywa. When in Monywa, remain in the centre of the town. The majority of Monywa residents come from the towns close by, as there is no Monywa International Airfield. This town has no airfields or railway station, but you can take a vehicle or coach to the town.

The Monywa is so varied that it meets all the needs of tourism. Monywa has many famous sights like Hpo Win Daung, Monywa Night Market, Maha Bodhi Ta Htaung. Locate cheap hotel accommodation in Monywa. All you need is 50 US$ to spend the night in a hotel in Monywa. Overnight in a souvenir hotel to enjoy the Monywa City.

Shwwe Taung Tan Hotel - Lake View is one of the most sought after hotel in Monywa. A lot of visitors will also spend the night at Hotel Ba Thaung Monywa. Begin your search now and find an accommodation that suits you!

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ã Can see the lettering on the back of the hotel. Approximately 10 min by road and Sutaungpya Pagoda, Schwezigone Pagoda. It is a chalet and a neat area. Approximately 15 minute walking from Aung San picture. Myanmar and China cuisine is served at the hotel. The supplement for the obligatory Christmas and New Year's meal must be confirmed at reservation.

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