Monywa City

City of Monywa

Situated in the dry zone of central Burma, Monywa is a city. A town in Sagaing Division, North Burma. Although the city of Monywa is little known to foreign tourists, it is the home of attractive places not to be missed on your trip to Mandalay Division. As a Buddhist fan or a fan of the beauty of Buddha architecture, it will be a big mistake to pass Monywa, one of the attractions in Myanmar. As his neighbor Mandalay, a visit to Monywa (?

?????) is not really about the city itself, but about a number of interesting attractions in the area.

Mumyva - the city

It is located on the bank of the Chindwin River 136 kilometers from Mandalay. Due to the industrial environment surrounding the city, it has a more energetic ambience than other local centers in Myanmar: its riverbank is pleasant to stroll along; it has some bustling marketplaces; and its major road (between the Watch Towers and the Bogyoke Aung San statue) comes to life after nightfall, with a bustling ambience and plenty of eating stands and beers.

In Monywa there are several cash machines, among them a KBZ ATM on the Hauptstra├če between the Uhrenturm and the sculpture. A number of places of interest in the area all need a cab or a pick-up: From the Mandalay highway southeast of the city turns the spectacular and unique Thanboddhay Pagoda (Thambuddhei Paya), which contains over 500,000 Buddha pictures and several hundred gold towers (K3000 entrance).

On the cloister grounds there is a colorful watch tower with a view of the cloister and the neighbouring levels. THANBODDAY pagodas will be held in November; for a full list of Myanmar events and precise schedule, please visit our schedule of events. At the bottom of the same side street is the Bodhi Tataung Laykyun Sekkya sculpture; at 116 meters it is the second highest sculpture in the whole wide area.

Situated on the back of a large sanctuary with body-tree, garden with several hundred seated Buddhas and a giant Buddha in front of Laykyun Sekkya. Inside the major building are portrayals of Buddhaist doctrines, among them some startling pictures of corruption and punishing evildoers, as well as some of the propagandist photographs of the general in office when it was finished in 2008.

Hpo Win Daung Caverns ( "Hpowindaung", "Powintaung" and "Po Win Taung") are located 25 kilometers western of Monywa. Its 947 caverns were constructed between the fourteenth and eighteenth century and contain elaborate murals and several hundred Buddha-statures. Hpo Win Daung is held here in the cave in November and is Monywa's largest one.

A list of the dates of the festival can be found here. Near Monywa is also the Ledi Kyaungteik Convent, where Buddhist writings are written on 806 flagstones, and the Kyaukka town, famous for its distinctive lacquerwork. A larger choice of pictures from Monywa and its surroundings can be found in our Flickr-photoset.

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