Monywa Caves

The Monywa Caves

Morning in the caves and afternoon in Bodhi Tataung. They are both located on the Chindwin River west of Monywa City. Please bring a torch or a spotlight, as the caves are completely preserved and there are no electric lights. View one of the highest statues in the world, the Po Win Taung Caves and the colonial architecture of Shwe Ba Taung. Enjoy Mandalay to Monywa as part of your tailor-made holiday in Myanmar with Hpo Win Daung or Powintaung Caves, Monywa, #Myanmar (Burma).

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Included in this articel is the Myanmar alphabet. If you don't have correct rendered capabilities, you can see questions, checkboxes, or other icons instead of Burma's characters. Fowintaung (Burmese: ?????????????[p?o w? tà??], also called Hpowindaung, Powintaung, Po Win Taung) is a Buddhist cavern ensemble about 25 kilometres westward of Monywa and 10 kilometres south-east of Yinmabin, in the Yinmabin Township, Monywa District, Sagaing Region, Northern Burma (Myanmar).

It' situated on the west shore of the Chindwin River. Name of the compound means mountain of isolated solitary meditation. There are 947 small and large, lavishly ornamented caves in the area. It' hewn into a rock of rocky limestone and contains many Buddha sculptures and wall murals with geometrical designs and Jataka-fictions.

Sculptures and pictures were dating from the fourteenth and eighteenth century. From Monywa it can be reached either by the new viaduct or by the Chindwin and then byjeep from the picturesque small town Nyaungbin.

Cave Temple Po Win Taung and Shwe Ba Taung

This huge cavern temples in Po Win Daung houses flat recesses that have been scraped out of the sand stone by hands and continue to spread, endless. One kilometer or more is the even more breathtaking Shwe Ba Taung, which some call Petra Burma, but we consider it a more Myanmar variant of Ethiopia's Lalibela.

They are both located across the Chindwin River in western Monywa City. and support each other in New Bagan. Our leader estimates that Po Win Daung has 900 small sanctuaries and sanctuaries that dot their bush-covered slopes and culminate in stupa and sanctuaries along the canvas. It is believed that the complex was built in the XIV caves, although the building of cavern churches lasted until recently.

After Bagan, the vast majority seems to be in the fourteenth to seventeenth century, while most of the faded paintings on the inside date back to the seventeenth or eighteenth cent. and we were very thankful. He was fluent in English and was well acquainted and delighted. A further big benefit in recruiting a leader is that they also help to combat the horde of annoying maakaks that attack the area.

There are many temples interior rooms with wall paintings and some interesting Buddha statues, so it makes sense to let someone show you around and point them out. A few have been worked out of low rocks or rocks, while others are accessed through chopped Shwe Ba Taung-style aisles. This is all sandy and the mound does not contain any caves.

In the meantime Shwe Ba Taung is unfortunately missed by many people ( or rotten tuk-tuk drivers). Initially this was a shallow stone cliff and steep, small paths were chopped out of the crag. The whole maze of temples and shrines was chopped out of the rocks by handpick.

Some of our most popular attractions and activites around Monywa.

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