Monywa Buddha

The Monywa Buddha

aha Bodhi Ta Htaung is a famous Buddhist region and monastery in Monywa Township, Sagaing Region, Myanmar (Burma). The world' s highest Buddha is located in the middle of a forest. You will find the perfect Monywa Buddha Stock photo. It' hard not to take double when you go to the sagaing city of Monywa. Laykyun Setkyar Buddha towers above Monywa.

Buddhas Monywa - Huge Buddha pictures on a mound

Situated in the southeast of Monywa in the rolling countryside is Maha Bodhi Ta Htaung, a Myanmar convent known for its two huge Buddha paintings. Pictures on a mound are dominating the area and can be seen from afar. This large area at the bottom of the mound is littered with thousand of sitting Buddha pictures under bodhi saplings.

With a length of 90 metres and a height of 20 metres, the Monywa Lying Buddha is one of the biggest in the whole wide range. This picture in a gold garment that rests on a gold base shows the Buddha on the evening before he died and entered Nirvana. Finished in 1991, the picture is empty; the visitor can go through the inside, in which 9,000 small Buddha pictures are exhibited.

Above the scenery is Laykyun Setkyar Buddha, a stationary picture of the Buddha in a gold attire. Two large chinthes, mythical beings similar to lions, guard the steps to the stage on which the picture is located. This 31-story picture is 116 metres high (129 metres incl. pedestal).

It' s empty, the visitor can almost reach the top. Downstairs shows a series of Buddha pictures in several mudra. The inside of the painting has mural paintings representing Buddhist hell and the punishment of those who are there. At the top of the picture, the visitor has a great view of the landscape with the hills in the foreground.

Situated at the bottom of the mound is the Aung Sakkya Pagoda, finished in 1979. It' encircled by over a thousand small Buddha-pags. This large area at the bottom of the hillside is littered with thousand of bodhi saplings. Bodhi is worshipped because it is the Buddha's meditating and enlightening underneath.

Beneath each of the trees is a picture of the Buddha sitting under a pod. There are several other Buddha pictures and Chedi's on the area. Situated about 20 kilometres southeast of Monywa. Take a turn to your lefthand towards Thanboddhay Paya and Monywa Polytechnic School. It takes about 45 min by car from Monywa city centre.

Open every day from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.

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