Monywa Attractions

The Monywa Attractions

View reviews and photos of places of interest in Monywa, Myanmar on TripAdvisor. Monywa's classic name is Thalawadi. The Monywa has some breathtaking attractions, including the second highest Buddha statue in the world, which alone is worth the trip. BABBOO Travel offers tailor-made tours to Monywa and other destinations in Myanmar. Best things in Monywa, Myanmar with photos, attraction map & a detailed guide.

Activities in Monywa, Burma Myanmar

Laykyun Sethyar, the astonishing Bodhi Tataung Buddha picture, rises 130 meters above the landscape. There are some debates, but the Chinese sculpture of the Spring Temple - also a Buddha on its feet - seems to be the highest sculpture in the whole wide universe, with Monywa's efforts taking second place. More about Bodhi Tataung.

THANBODDAY PAYA's main worship room or monastery, amidst an expansive ensemble of chests, stupas and monastery structures, is said to contain more than half a million Buddha-paintings. Learn more about Thanboddhay Paya. This huge cavern temples in Po Win Daung houses flat recesses that have been scraped out of the sand stone by hands and continue to spread, endless.

One kilometer or more is the even more breathtaking Shwe Ba Taung, which some call Petra Burma, but we consider it a more Myanmar variant of Ethiopia's Lalibela. They are both located westwards of Monywa over the Chindwin River..... More about Po Win Taung cave temple and Shwe Ba Taung.

A Myint, a delightful river town 25 km southwards of Monywa, is one of the places where travelling to is a lot of pleasure. Though a sweet and very traditionally built town, A Myint's main tourist attraction is a collection of more than 300 old stupa dotted around the town.

More about A Myint. Please have a look at past editions.

Monywa, Monywa Town, Monywa Attractions

Monywa, in the middle of the Chindwin Valley The northern western part of Monywa is situated on the east shore of the Chindwin River, with about 300,000 people, mostly from Burma. Situated 136 km north west of Mandalay, this little frequented village was probably established during the Bagan time. A flourishing commercial centre, Monywa's economic life depends on agriculture and industrialised food.

Monywa, on the other hand, acts as a gate to the whole of the Chindwin and Ayerwaddy West Streams, paving a corridor to the Chin Hills Boundary of India, making the city a sub-hub for trading with CMBI. From Mandalay or Monywa to the eleventh c. Pakistan's tabacco city of Bagan, the Monywa route leads through a semi-desert country, beans, peas and cloves, characteristic Myanmar towns and sparkling Stupa - an interesting journey to see the people and their way of life.

Inside the inner part of the temples, outside the pyramid-shaped columns, every patio and every nook and cranny contain sitting Buddha pictures in recesses that take up a grand total of 582,357 pictures - that's over half a million! The Boddhi Tataung A large area with some great sights is Boddhi Tataung about 4 km eastwards of Thanboddhay, where 90 metres of hollow Buddha and 132 metres of Buddha tower over the Po Kaung Hills, with a view of the Chindwin Valley and a good place for sundown.

Aung Setkya grotto is 130m high and the watch tower with bogs of totdy offers some good vistas of the giant Buddhas in the western part and the small Buddhas under the bodhi structures, which number over 9000 and still up to 10,000. Kyaung LediThis convent (Kyaung in Burmese) dates from 1886 and was established by the famous Pali disciple Ledi Sayadaw to accommodate 806 labeled flagstones to accommodate Buddha's comments.

kyaukar villagekyaukkar villages is located 16 km eastwards of monywa, on a tree-lined highway leading to shwebo, where the third 18. st. Burma is located. A visit to the much worshipped Shweguni sanctuary, which contained the Buddha picture from the fourteenth cent. in which Buddha's eye was strongly gold-plated, which reflects the region's biggest public safety problem.

Win Daung CavesPo Win Daung is situated 25 km from Monywa, on the westerly banks of the Chindwin River and can be reached either via the new Monywa River or with the boat to the other side of the Chindwin River. Then, the street leads through some isolated towns and the huge mine before it becomes undulating.

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