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CAPA's premium airport profiles combine our news, data and analysis to provide you with everything you need to know about Monywa Airport. Actual weather and delay conditions for the (NYW) Monywa Airport in Monywa, MM. Use the links below, such as flight connections to/from Monywa Airport and other nearby airports. Monywa is quickest and most comfortable to reach by plane. From Mandalay International Airport how to get to Hotel Ba Thaung Monywa?

Are there any departures from Monywa airport? - Myanmar forum

Are there any departures from Monywa airport? Google for Monywa shows results that show that Asian Wings and MNA are operating from there, but when I go to their sites and try to search for a flight from there, no flight is displayed. I would like to go from Monywa to Mawlamyine (I suppose there are bus and tram stations in Mandalay and Yangon).

Usually, I don't know. But from their website when I try to find prices/times/dates/days for just Monywa to Yangon its showing nothing. Are those carriers still flying from Monywa to Yangon or others? Are there any departures from Monywa airport? It seems there are no departures from Monywa airport; and no departures I can see on the Asian Wings and MNA-Website.

Monywa is not an operating civilian airport; it is better to go to Mandalay airport, which is not so far away. If you are flying from Monywa airport, please review your Yangon times to have enough space for a connection to your destination..... Are there any departures from Monywa airport? The Monywa is not an operating civilian airport.

Are there any departures from Monywa airport?

Monywa Airport

If you fly from or to Monywa airport or simply pick up someone from their flight to Monywa, here you will find the latest information about Monywa airport. Find current arrival and departure times, the latest Monywa news and weather or read the latest tweets from Monywa Airport directly from their Twitter feeds.

Use our helpful maps and videos to make sure you find the easiest way to Monywa Airport. You can search for flights from Monywa airport by month to find the cheapest day to fly, or even all year round. Are you looking for a hotel at Monywa Airport ?

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The Monywa Airport (NYW/VYMY) | Arrivals, Departures & Routes

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