The city of Monywa is located on the Chindwin River in the arid zone of central Burma west of Mandalay. The Monywa is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. A town in central Myanmar, Monywa lies on the eastern shore of Chindwin Rive. When MONYWA is on tourist routes at all, it is generally because it is a useful stopover on the route between Bagan and Mandalay. Monywa's main tourist attraction is Mohnyin Thambuddhei Paya, a Buddhist temple with a huge stupa similar to Indonesia's Borobudur.

Sights of Monywa - Little frequented

The city of Monywa is situated on the Chindwin Riverside in the arid area of central Burma west of Mandalay. Though the area is rarely frequented by overseas visitors, there are a number of attractions in and around the city. Monywa and the Monywa region is littered with farmhouses, sparkling mountain peaks and small towns.

Municipal fairs are selling home-grown foods, fruits, handicrafts and textile and are an ideal place to taste some of the locals' meals. Freely translated, Monywa means "Miss Know-it-alls City". The city was named after a prince who came to the place where he found a lady who was frying cakes.

And after he got marry to her, the city was called Monywa. The Monywa is known for two buddhistic convents situated southeast of the city. They say that the sanctuary contains more than 580,000 pictures. Ledi Kyaung Abbey, established in 1886, is situated in the northeast of the city.

One of Burma's most famous buddhistic scholar, it contains 806 flagstones with buddhistic text. On Kyaukka Street, about 15 kilometres east of Monywa, the Shwe Gu Ni pagoda from the fourteenth centuary is home to a large Buddha in the Bhumisparsha Mahra, who calls the earth to testify. This picture is coated with a thick coat of golden film, which has been put on by Buddhistic followers.

KYAUCKAR is a small town about 15 kilometres east of Monywa, known for its lacquerware. It is possible to see the shops where we produce our painted goods in golden and silver. Kyaukkar and Bagan lacquers are the best known in the state. Situated on the Twin Taung hillside near Budalin, north of Monywa, is an extinguished vulcano with a small lagoon in the craters.

Monywa is the fastest and most convenient way to reach by plane. Monywa International is on Route 71, north of Monywa. Asia Wings Airways operates departing from Mandalay every day. Departure at 12.40 and lasts about 25 min. To Monywa (via Mandalay) there are two times a week services from Yangon.

Further close to Mandalay and Bagan International Aerodromes (Nyaung U Airport), both well linked to Monywa by land. Alternatively, you can take a Mandalay coach. This 135 kilometre journey lasts about 4 hrs and is 2,500 Kie. per passenger. Monywa is a 5.15am stop and will take about 5h.

Bagan-Monywa is 150 km long and can be reached by coach or rented cab. From Nyaung U (Bagan) to Monywa it will take about 3 hrs ½, ticket costs 3.500 kyats per one.

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