The MONYO Tap House, Budapest, Hungary. The MONYO Brewing Co. is one of the leading microbreweries in Hungary. You can see bars, beer shops and restaurants in my area that sell Monyo Anubis with prices and whether it is on tap or in a bottle, can, growler etc..

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Proprietor, master brewers and responsable for the proffesional managment, the production of the prescriptions and the beer qualitiy contro. I' m the office manager, take over the administration and am in touch with the people. I' m a beer maker, also liable for the process in the colder side.

I' m a beer-brewer and I' m a maintainer, except for the brew I got busy with busted machines. Head of Manufacturing - I am reponsible for manufacturing design, filling and labelling of the end-products. Warehouse-managers - Many good beer fits in the smallest area. I' m a beer maker and also take care of the process of the hottest side, besides the brew I am planing the week ly brew schedule and get the necessary components for the brew.

I' m the sales manager - my task is to make sure that you can buy MONYO beers in your favorite pub. Communication and Marketingmanager - I am developing product promotion strategy and campaign.

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at least that was my comprehension when I came a few days ago with my very dear fullcarbonbike to drink a pint with an old US boyfriend (who was to be leaving the US the next day). So I went inside and searched for a place for my bicycle next to the other bicycles, near my mates.

In the meantime, a long-haired man - a rod - approached me from behind and began to tell me in a very unpleasant way that I dared to put my bicycle in, and immediately I had to take my bicycle off the area. He said to him that I do not comprehend why other bicycles can be here and my bicycle, can not, he said that the bicycles are personnel. and he again, telling me to take my bicycle out immediately, since this place is not a bicycle shelter.

but I wanted to use this place to spend my spending time with my buddies buying and drinking ale. Thank you, Monyo Cafe, and thank you, dumbass. And Monyo Brewery has some beautiful ones.

I' m never going back to the Monyo Cafe.

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