After the provincial capital Pemba, Montepuez is the second largest city in the province of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique. This is the seat of the Montepuez district. Montepuez ruby deposit is located in northeastern Mozambique in the province of Cabo Delgado. Search for companies, competitors, contact details & financial data for MONTEPUEZ RUBY MINING LIMITADA.

Mining in open-cast mines

Montepuez ruby is in north-eastern Mozambique in the Cabo Delgado area. With an area of about 33,600 ha, it is considered the most important newly found ruby reservoir in the arsenal. The occurrences of Pan-African orgy are much older than the only 40 million year old gemstone occurrences in the Himalayas (e.g. Myanmar ruby).

Montepuez mineral field has both mineralization and mineralization. Sub-aluvial mineralization was deduced from ruby rock degradation and transport of the more elastic ruby grain along the palaeoaval canals. The Montepuez mine is an open-cast ruby mine. There are two kinds of mineralization in the area, primarily and secondarily.

It is the place where the Ruby was created over 500 million years ago. Usually these jewels are shallow crystal that keep their initial state. Residual sediments of debris are located along the bed of rocks that have built up in old canals. This ruby was thrown along the running water and often over a certain amount of ground, which led to a somewhat rounding.

Generally, both reservoirs are located far below the subsurface. It is different from the deeper Myanmar reserves, where the ruby is found in a tradition. Much of the ruby found in the Montepuez Mine has similar characteristics to the well-known Myanmar ruby. The Montepuez is a very young company with a very different security hazard than Kagem.

The Montepuez Rubinmine will continue to fund trainings, sensitisation meetings, tests to ensure that it complies with its own safety standards and the publication of several company guidelines in order to continuously improve the production proces. A modernised hospital is in place and Montepuez personnel have easy contact with ambulance service in the event of a serious outbreak.

The Montepuez Ruby Mine is currently ensuring adherence to the principles of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 as well.

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