Monsoon Burma

Burma Monsoon

Monsoon's end is much less clearly defined; rainfall has been decreasing in recent months. A new island for refugees threatened by the monsoon. Weather & Climate - Myanmar generally enjoys a tropical monsoon climate. Only three Rohingya refugees were killed when the monsoon rains hit Cox's Bazar.

The monsoon is good for half the world's population.

Top 5 Rationale for visiting Myanmar during the monsoon season?Photos?

Myanmar (also known as Burma) has been on my country shortlist since opening up to foreign tourists in the 1990s. My concern for my tourists who support the reigning regime has kept me back for a long while, but even Aung San Suu Kyi, the heroine of the enemy, is now waving to the people.

You come to find out that the rates were so low that we would arrive in the mid-monsoon period, which runs from May or June to early October. I have never been deterred from a good deal by the wheather, but continued to fight and found that the rain and rain seasons could be the best times to be there!

It is not only airline companies, but also hotel and other touristic establishments that are offering cheaper fares in the wet seasons. I am advised to those of you who like to go for free that not much is done in Myanmar to bargain for a room. I was in Myanmar every single morning, but even in the humid Yangon it was usually only a short, temporary rainstorm or a slight downpour that could not even be described as drizzly.

The monsoon period temperature ranges from 25-30°C ( 77-86 Fahrenheit ), which is still humid, but not nearly as severe as the 40+ day monsoon time. As it is the low tourist seasons, the number of other visitors is.... well, of course lower. Particularly at the most famous places of interest like Shwedagon Paya in Yangon or Shwesandaw Paya in Bagan is a lonely walk through the area to enjoy the ambience or to take pictures without being stabbed in the back with a selfie-stick, a luxurious of the raintime.

While the monsoon may keep some travelers away, it does not stop 53 million Burmese from living their everyday life. Myanmar is best seen during the wet seasons, especially in the relatively dry northerly lowlands, where vegetation supplements the reddish and gray skys.

While English is still not widely used in Myanmar, dividing an sunblind during a storm that passes by is a great way to make up. During unplanned stopovers I had some nice interaction with the local people to await some down. When deciding to come to Myanmar during the monsoon, be sure to wrap some stable or throw-away flip-flops that don't bother you, a foldable parasol and fridge, a small torch to prevent pools and open bars at nights, and a zippered pocket to keep your belongings out.

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