With its colourful shops and the active social media community, Monki takes shopping for great fashion to a whole new level. Legend Green Velvet is in the mix for Monki. Ninety-four With its colorful shops and the vibrant online communities, Monki is taking the world of great fashions to a whole new dimension. Monki uses a designer DNA that blends Scandi chill with the power of Asiatic Streetstyle to create trendy and trendy lifestyles for young people. Monki's first shop was opened in 2006 in Gothenburg, Sweden, where the company is still located.

Mr. Monki came to H&M Group in 2008. Today, the company is present throughout Europe and Asia. Monki's hundredth outlet opened in Shanghai in 2015.


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Unprecedented by Monki, Monki is an underworld keyboard maker working for new electronics talents on her 1 slots station stereo and Zoo Music impress.

Monki heads a small band with a BBC Radio 1 show, her own club line and a recording company. During the seven years since her first involvement in the field of eMusic, she has taken on every major task with confidence and developed from an apprentice at Rinse FM to an internationally renowned choir leader with performances throughout the UK and beyond.

He has performed at many of the UK's most famous locations and regularly appears on the big stages at major international events. Monki acts in a league of his own as a consequent power in the electronical musical community. Monki's fate was secured after her studies at the world-famous Point Blank musical college, and her real vocation became that.

A member of the BBC station's powerful BBC electronics musical tactemaker squad, Monki brings her expertise and expertise to a show that trains and amuses audiences alike. Now she is on a constant search for brand-new tunes every day and works untiringly to discover young jam that she can perform in front of her committed audience during the three-hour show.

Meanwhile she has performed in venues like The Warehouse Project, Sankeys and the Fabric, together with foreign adventurers at Hideout, Snowbombing and Annie Mac's Lost And Found Newspapers. In addition to her own solos, Monki also curated her own evening "Monki & Friends", which was touring the UK with Red Bull and released four hit ep s from Shadow Child, Melé, Joe Goddard, SG Lewis, Riton, Kidnap Kid and many others.

In 2012 she founded her own ZOO Musik record company as an outfit for the vast amount of unpublished jam that was sent to her. Monki is not only a natural lover of the world of jazz, with an inborn sense of dj, but also a many-faceted lover, committed to her trade and passion for it all.

Monki has undoubtedly deserved a place among the UK's most prestigious selection critics thanks to her decades of practice and work ethics. Booked by old-fashioned FPI and Golden Girls classic, FABRICLIVE blends 81 bass-led exclusive tracks by Mella Dee and Bot & Tony Quattro with proven DJ Technic and Robert Hood's Floorplan series.

While DJ Haus and Danny Daze & 214 give the mixture a taste of home, Monki has also designed Manchester Chimpo and Birmingham's Slick Don to shoot vocals dub over Melé and Gage songs, transform them from skeleton-like Grime-Riddims into MC highlights and further fill them with the bubbling power of their DJ performance and radioshows on Fabric Live 81.

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