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Discover Mong La holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. Kosmopolitan, glaring and connected to the outside world via the Internet and mobile phones, visitors to Mong La wonder if they really are still in Burma. Casinos are not located in Mong La itself, but only 20 minutes by car south of the city, where a flourishing group of a dozen casinos has formed in recent years. The Mong La is a border town in the state of Shan in eastern Myanmar. of Mongla, port city, southwestern Bangladesh.

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The Mong La or Mongla (Burmese: ?? ? ?; Chinese: ??; pinyin: M?ngl?), also known as Little Mong La or Xiaomengla (???) for distinction from neighbouring Mengla County, is the headquarters of Mong La Township in Shan State, Burma. We have 700-1000 people a day who can play over the web.

Gaming, as well as sex work and laundry are other goals of China's tourists. It' the home of Drug Eradication Muzeum, also known as the Opium Free Zone Muzeum, and the Dway Nagara Pagoda. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

In Mong La, the city of Myanmar, where you can buy drugs, sexual intercourse and endangered beasts.

Everyday in northeastern Myanmar, tens of thousand visits from China pass through the Mong La area. The Mong La is a 5,000 square kilometre Golden Triangle feud governed by a commie guerilla. Throughout the city's neon-soaked roads there are a dozen glaring hostels, shabby arcades and night clubs, and - further away from the city's cinemas.

Here everything is aimed at people from China who cannot play in their home state: they can't play legally: The plates are in Mandarin, the currencies and telephone lines are in Mandarin, and the watches are adjusted to Beijing times. This underscores Mong La's state as not really being part of Myanmar. In a Wikileaks message in 2005, he was described as a "regional guide and drugs dealer" with "a James Bondjan personal policeman" to maintain order in Mong La.

However, these trends have not affected the Mong La area; the insurgents who rule the Shan and Akha tribal minorities are not a side of the truce, and no one here has taken a vote. There is no need for a pass for visiting China and the insurgents have good ties with the Yunnan government, although from time to time China officers have shut down the borders to contain their citizens' gaming.

Much of the casino is China-based and even allows on-line bets from players in China, where players can track a real-time cam via cash via China's banks, according to Michael Black and Bertil Lintner's 2008 Merchant of Madness books. While China could slightly obstruct the tourist stream, it has failed to do so because its domestic economy is intimately linked to the brisk trading and trafficking of goods from Burma through Mong La.

During 2003, after the subsidiary of a high-ranking China governor had squandered more than $150,000 in the city, the frontier was closed and several casino closures were made by crossing them. Mingxian responded by relocating the casino further South from the frontier. The Mong La's casino and hotel were constructed on the basis of illegal income from drugs trafficking.

Mingxian has long tried to fight the Mong La name. In spite of such representations, Black and Lintner say in their books that the War Lord stays connected to commerce and "lives in a Palace-like Miami Beach-style rose manor house that towers over Mong La and resembles the home of a lord of war standing over his maze.

Here the less wealthy gamblers - mostly smokers in chains, middle-aged men from China - bet on videogames, slots and a giant animal diced crap pack instead of numbers on the sides. "During the nights, on the street next to the Mong La fair, a dozen of young China whores were sitting in brothel seats.

" My girlfriend asked her again in Mandarin, she answered: "The daily Mong La fair seems more traditional, with a mixture of China merchants and ethnically minorities who sell everything from veggies and meats to clothing and China electronic goods, but in one part of the fair there was a more eerie business.

A number of restuarants and gambling establishments served high-priced game meals, among them pangoline beef. Prof. Vincent Nijman of the British Oxford Brookes University has a degree in the Mong La mare. This is a major international trading platform for wild animals, in particular for the increasing volume of imports of ivory, even from Africa. In Mong La, he has selected 60 varieties, of which "one third is threatened worldwide and about one third is under legal protection.

" He said the deal was "largely, if not entirely, illegal" under Burma and China laws, but purchasers are not inspected for pet parts by the China state. "Like any city that has survived the grey and dark economy, Mong La is full of fa├žades and forgeries. It is one of a dozen properties that have been constructed during a sustained building upswing in Mong La, creating massive properties, shiny new commercial centres and skyscrapers.

This would be the jealousy of many poor Myanmar communities, but Tom Kramer, a long-time explorer of the country's ethnical dispute, said that the riches gained from Mong La's dubious economics of developing only benefited Lin Mingxian and those around him. "A Mandalay based contractor in the centre of Myanmar said in a nearby restuarant that he was constructing two Mong La hotel, one of them with 100 rooms.

Said he first came seven years ago, when there were "only farmhouses along the streets and maybe five in town. "There' s been a building boom," the merchant added, who didn't want to be called. "Asked what he thinks of the evolution and future of Mong La, he replied: "Chinese people are still growing, but this is not a good place.

And if the China administration changes its mind about Mong La, the match is over."

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