Money Exchange us to Myanmar

Currency Exchange to Myanmar

Cash machines that accept international cards are increasingly being offered in cities and tourist areas. Please bring unaffected US bills for exchange. What kind of money should visitors bring for easy currency exchange in Myanmar? The US dollar is also widely accepted as a currency. Appreciate the current exchange rate.

Burma Banknotes and Cards

I' m going to Burma (Myanmar) in October on a sightseeing trip with the travel agency Explore. We' ve been informed that it is not possible to make withdrawals from cash machines or via direct debits or payment via bancomat. Don't exchange money at the airports or in Burma's banking institutions.

Offical rates are ludicrously low. At the moment the exchange rates are around 870 kyat to the greenback; bigger denomination is preferable. Only a few establishments are accepting payment with high charges. When you run out of money, don't worry. You will probably get a 10 percent processing charge on a debit and debit slip from your area.

Hottest destinations in 2016

As the Olympics are a breath of fresh Rio de Janeiro, there has never been a more thrilling period to explore Brazil, from the sandy harbours in the southern hemisphere to the attractions of the Amazon region in the northern hemisphere. Brazil is Brazil denominated in cash and it is easy to collect it before departure.

Myanmar has much to offer, from the gold temple pagodas of Bagan to the flourishing towns of Mandalay and Yangon. Burma uses a mix of Burma's Khat for domestic shopping and US dollar for hotel, transportation and major outlays. The best thing to do is to take US Dollar and exchange it for Kyoto as soon as you get there.

Sitting in southwest Africa, Namibia is penetrating the travel landscape. The Namibia uses both the Namibian Dollars and the Southern Africa Rands, and you can use both at the same price. As part of the Euros, Portugal makes it easy for you to collect your money before you travel.

Current prices and further information about the Euros can be found in our Euros Guidebook. Cuba has enjoyed increasing appeal since the easing of US travelers' barriers and is experiencing a comeback.

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