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Dollar to Kyat Money Exchange

News about Myanmar (Burma), currency exchange, hotels and pensions. Current exchange rates for the Can Dollar and Kyat pair. Aside from your hotel, the cheapest place in Yangon (Rangoon) to exchange your dollars for Kyat is the Bogyoke market. The arrangement of your foreign currency does not have to be a chore! Monetary exchange rates in Singapore.

Exhaust-dollar to Kyat money exchange? - The forum in Myanmar

Exhaust-dollar to Kyat money exchange? So I know there are very restricted places in Myanmar that AUD in exchange for Kyat are accepting, but I know they are out there! Exhaust-dollar to Kyat money exchange? Located very near Nice Moneychanger it is near the 33nd Street Costa Rica and Aawrahta Street they can alter Australian dollars.

Exhaust-dollar to Kyat money exchange? Exhaust-dollar to Kyat money exchange? Amidst the airfield, don't let the dollar be its not included in your docket. Changing the money exchanger at the airfield won't get you a good deal. Exhaust-dollar to Kyat money exchange? I' ve used Southern Breeze before to convert AUD to Kyoto, they were great and had a good exchange rates.

Passengers can get their cabbie to stop on the way from the airfield to the city centre, as it is on its way.

How can I exchange Kyats in New York (or anywhere in the USA) - Myanmar Message Board

$1 (US Dollar) = 780 Kyats. EUR 1 (euro) = 1046.42 Kyats. GBP = 1224.68 Kyats. MYPY 1 (Japanese yen) = 10.05 kyats. CNY (China Yuan) = 122.49 Kyats. One baht (THB) = 3.94 kyats. MasaIaIa ringgit (1 MYR) = 248.76 kyats. Massachusetts 1 BDT (Bangladesh Taka) =9,901 Kyats.

One SGD = 605.35 K. I AED ( "Dirhams" UAE) = 212.5 K'ats. KRW 1 (South Korea won) = 0.689 Kiev. CHF 1 (Switzerland francs) = 842.3 CYATS. AUD1 = 802.14 Kiev. One Canadian dollar (CAD) = 766.9 kyat. HKD 1 (Hong Kong dollar) = 100.3 Kie.

The South African Rand = 96.57 Kyats. For the Philippine Pesos: 1 PHP = 17.93 Kyats. One KWD (Kuwait Dinars) = 2888 Kyats. S011 VND = 0.371 Kyats. RUB 1 (Russia ruble) = 25.09 Kyats. IDR ("Indonesian Rupees") = 0.086 Kyats. Inr ('rupees') = 15.22 kyats. SEK1 PKR (Pakistani Rupees) = 9.018 Kyats.

Shri Lanka Rupees (LKR) = 6,854 Kyats. Please note: This information is derived from the Yangon Dollar market.

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