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Genuine portrait of the Mona Lisa found among the colour layers of da Vinci's masterpiece

BBC is preparing to broadcast a film, Secret of the Mona Lisa, which will deal with the research of Pascal Cotte, a researcher from France. Cotte has succeeded in using an inventive image -generating technology to examine the colour coatings beneath the da Vinci masterpieces from the 16th cent. And lo and lo, he has found concealed works, among them an inventive, "real" portrayal of Lisa del Giocondo (theme of da Vinci's painting).

However, the concept that this image exists under the subsurface, so to speak, is unsustainable. There are not these discreet states, which portray different kinds of portraiture. I' m totally confident that the Mona Lisa is Lisa." In other words, there are no different portaits on da Vinci's screen, only scenes of the same portraiture that today is hanging in the Louvre.

Has Leonardo da Vinci painted a first Mona Lisa before the Mona Lisa?

Mona Lisa Louvre: Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa is one of the most symbolic paintings in the Louvre's collection. Leonardo da Vinci drew it in the sixteenth and sixteenth centuries and it was included in the French court's collection before it was added to the Louvre's collection.

The Mona Lisa was often said to have been a work that Leonardo da Vinci took to France at the request of King François I. Historical records refer to a woman's profile of the famous ltalian painter and scholar during his stay at Clos Lucé Palace (also known as Manoir de Cloux ) near the Loire Palace in Amboise.

At that time Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa was one of the king lyesa' s collection and was displayed in the castle of Versailles under Louis XIV. The Louvre has only been able to respond to the Mona Lisa's location since 1797. Its compositional techniques make it one of the most widely scholarly works in fine arts and among artists' apprentices.

It' s much appreciated for its contemporary frame as a portraiture that could now be made. A few folks say they think they are being observed by the Mona Lisa, no matter where they are. Leonardo da Vinci's scholarly and anatomic skills are shown in this film. With regard to the Mona Lisa's celebrated smiles, testimonies say that a group of artists were playing while the artist was working to maintain this pleasure.

There is no doubt that it is the secret of the Mona Lisa that has made her so well known. Is it Lisa who is portrayed? There are reports that the man who ordered the picture from Leonardo da Vinci was a gentleman who lived in Florence. A widow twice, Francesco del Giocondo got to marry a young lady called Lisa in 1495.

It' s this history that gave the small 30 " x 21" picture its name. Mona Lisa became known to the general population when it was taken in 1911. It was the media who intervened: they wanted to know who could have stole the Mona Lisa picture, why and above all how.

They found the picture, and the culprit was an all too nationalist Italian by the name of Vincenzo Peruggia, who wanted to bring the work back to his homeland. Marcel Duchamp used the portraits of Mona Lisa in 1919 as the foundation for his own work. Dan Brown's novel has been selling more than 80 million times in 2003, giving the Mona Lisa a new world.

It is at the heart of one of the secrets of the Da Vinci Code, the world' s best-selling criminal code. The Mona Lisa - where is it? We are always surprised by this picture. Do you want to know where the Mona Lisa is?

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