Mon state Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine Mon State

Mon State is hit by the biggest flood in 40 years, several hundred people have been displaced. Several hundred had to escape their houses on Sunday after flooding wiped out Mawlamyine and other townships in Mon State after long periods of intense rains, said federal and rescuer officers. There was a tide in Mawlamyine before sunrise, and a landslip was also recorded on Mount Ngawuntha in the area.

"For the first flooding I've seen in Mawlamyine in over 40 years. Usually, some areas of Mawlamyine are flooded when the Thanlwin River tides up, but this case was not only about tides, but also about strong rains, the city' s runoffs are overflowing," said Thein Hla, a inhabitant of Mawlamyine.

He added that his home was flooded and his home was safe. On Ngawuntha hill, the Kyaiktalan pilgrimage walls were abruptly breached by strong rains and the street near the Mt. Situated near the breached well, the new lift of the pit and the local residents were scared of a mudslide, said Daw Aye Aye Tun, who is living near the mt.

On Sunday afternoons, the Mon state administration convened a cabinet session to debate the floods. According to the administration bureau, they drew up a bailout scheme for the flooded population. "In the words of Win Naing Oo, Secretary of State for Security and Border Affairs, the state administration has instructed administrations, ambulance services and the head of the fire department to register the number of flooded populations and to meet their essential needs.

Hluttav State Vice-President Aung Naing Oo was one of the leaders of the emergency operations in Mawlamyine. Helping those from Myaing Thayar, one of the areas most affected by the floods, said Bo Bo Bo Win, spokesman for the Mawlamyine emergency services. "More than 1,000 men are already safe.

State-sponsored aid has not yet arrived. Mon's prime minister and high-ranking civil servants had examined the areas affected by the flooding and are consulting the trade unions for immediate aid. Embankments near Mawlamyine are in good condition despite the tide and rains, said U Htun Htay, Secretary of Agriculture.

Precipitation was 13. Seven inch in Mawlamyine, 11. 69 inch in Mudon, 6. 22 inch in Thanphyuzayat and 11. Eighty-nine in the Chaung Zone township, he said. Flooding was compounded by the government's failed efforts to repair the city's sewerage system, he added.

It was Nay Pyi Taw who sent us Win Myat Aye to inspect the area. Mawlamyine' s most areas are inundated, such as Thiri Mingalar, Thiri Myaing, Kyauk Tan, Zayar Thiri and Thaya Aye. A minimum of 16 persons have been murdered or are unaccounted for in the heavy rains that have been ravaging the land for over a whole sunday.

Catastrophe helpers have alerted coastal, shore and mountain side residents to storms, torrential waters and mudflows.

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