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The Satsuki Momoi was introduced, i.e. it was selected as an interesting article. Sri Satsuki Momoi (??

??? Momoi Satsuki) is the director of the Academy T?? and previously the director of the Generation of Miracles at Teik? Junior High. If Kuroko finally understands Momo's feelings for him, will he leave her in disgust or will he love her?

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The Satsuki Momoi was introduced, i.e. it was selected as an interesting item. Satsouki Momoi (?? ?? T?? ?? Momoi Satsuki) is the Academy Director T?? and previously the Generation of Miracles Director at Junior High. She' s in lover of Tetsuya Kuroko and sees herself as his friend.

She has long, shiny rose coloured bristles reaching her lower back. He has also noticed that Momoi has a great passion for playing the game, perhaps more than the people. Kuroko is the only one she can't foretell, but she only does that like him. Aomine and Momoi are boyhood buddies who played hockey together when they were young.

And she was the executive of the boys' hoops in junior high school. When Kuroko came up to her and gave her his curling stone, Momoi thought he had just thrown his garbage on her. At Momoi turns the cane over and sees that it is really a free icecream now.

She immediately fell in sweet affection for Kuroko and later approached him, considering herself his friend. Finally, she decided to visit the T?? Academy to keep an eye on Aomine and make sure he doesn't get into any difficulties. Momoi will appear for the first in the T?? Academy gymnasium during the game between Seirin and Sh?toku

She' looking for it and finds it on a platform. Kuroko and Midorima are struggling and she says that she thinks Kuroko will be the winner because he is the one she is in love with. They' re both powerful, says Iomine. Both Kuroko and Momoi speak on a bank near by and Momoi compliments him on moving into the last division of the preliminary rounds.

She' ll talk about Kagami and compare him to Kagami himself. He is speculating that he could beat her and if Momoi leaves, he pledges that he will beat Aomines. Later she meets her friend and complains with him because he has skipped the training. It was shocking to hear that he had seen Kagami and that he thought that Kagami and Kuroko were a game.

As Momoi breaks in the dressing room, she tells him that Kise wants to copy Aomine's entire playing technique, not just hiss. At the restart of the game Kise succeeds in copying the game. At first Momoi realizes that it is still imperfect and nothing in comparison to reality, but realizes that he learns much quicker than she anticipated.

When Kise finishes his copy and overtakes her, Momoi yells and tells her to stop when he commits a foul, which is his 4th one. 22 ] When Kise tried to get to Kasamatsu, he was jammed by a mine, who took the game. And Momoi and everyone else were amazed. This game ends with the result of 98 - 110 for T??

As Kuroko went to Street Basketball 5 on 5 with the remainder of the Seirin in the first years, escorted by Kiyoshi, Momoi came to the Seirin fitness studio in search of Kuroko. 23 ] Riko decided to tell Kuroko to come back to the fitness studio with everyone.

Seirin members Momoi ask Momoi about the Interhigh results before Kuroko and Momoi go. Momoi asks Momoi why Murasakibara did not take part in the Interhigh, and Momoi says it was because Akashi forbade him to do so. 26 ] After he has informed the Seirin members about the results, Momoi goes with Kuroko.

At Momoi we observe the games of Seirin and other wonder generation team. Aomine is trying to convince Momoi to see the games with her, but Aomine is not interested and optimistic that Kuroko and everyone else will be qualifying for the Winter Cup. When the game goes in favor of Sh?toku, Momoi Kise asks who he thinks will be the winner.

She says he doesn't know, but realizes that Seirin would definitely only loose if Kuroko wasn't there. It told Momoi that the actual business is the Phantom Sixth Man of the Generation of Miracles. Momoi observes Midorima with a smile and how much he has change.

Kise is told that he has also altered, but Kise says to her that it was not that they have altered, but that Kuroko has it. 31 ] As the game goes on, Momoi and Kise realize how astonishing the game is, as both sides don't give up and wish the game would never end.

At the end of the game, Momoi and Kise were amazed when they found out that the game resulted in a draw, with the result being 104 - 104. Later, Kise and Momoi encounter Midorima, who took a beverage from the automat. Mumoi packs the hound and guards it from Midorima, who tried to discard the hound.

The Kuroko comes looking for the canine. Mumoi realizes the remarkable resemblance between the Kuroko and the dogs and then passes out. Kise picks up Momoi and brings her home. Seirin was told by T?? that she will go to a warm spring near her and they choose to take her by storm. At Momoi meeting Riko in the girl part of the sources, while the remainder of the crew meet the others in the boy part.

Momoi says that there is something she must tell her and that T?? will be Seirin's first rival in the Winter Cup. As Momoi says to Riko, because she loves Kuroko, she will not be lenient with them, adding that it is too good that Seirin will be out on her first one.

She is not feeble and Riko says Seirin is challenging Momoi. Momoi realizes during the time-out that she didn't belong on the game. Then she recalls that this was his custom at Teik?, where he would not hear if they were fighting a tough antagonist. Then she realizes that she' s come back to herself, if only for a while.

44 ] As Aomine and Kagami step into the zone, Momoi sees the remainder of the game. As the summer sounds and the game ends with the loss of T??, Momoi weeps, because it is the first loss that Aomine and T?? have made. After the game, Aomine and Kuroko make up.

They both go to their changing rooms and Momoi goes looking for her. She then asks her if she wants to buy with him some baseball boots that he will accept. Momoi is smiling as she comes back to herself. Later, Momoi and √Āomine walk into the gymnasium to see the last 5 moments of the game.

Momoi pushes Momoi in and tells her they arrived at the right moment as both Kuroko and Kise are about to go into the final display. Momoi was seen strolling with her and the others before the Winter Cup final.

Since junior high scholastic, Momoi has been management of a baseball club, maybe even before. For this reason she has a great deal of knowledge of the game and enjoys it. Kuroko and Mayuzumi are the only ones she hasn't been able to successfully forecast or recognize her inner talents because they weren't there.

Since junior high school, Kuroko and Momoi have been best buddies after meeting each other as part of the Teik? net. Momoi didn't think much of him at first, because of his height and absence outside the square. At times she was taken by surprise and even nervous every now and then when he caught her by surprise, which she wondered why she was so nervous around him and began to wonder if she felt for him.

When Kuroko Momoi gave Momoi free chocolate chips, however, she immediately fallen in sweetness with him and kept trying to hold on to him. After Kuroko protected her from high school harassment, her emotions grew deeper. She has been flirting with Kuroko ever since by asking him to go home with him and give him a drink of hot air during training.

While she wanted to go to the same college as Kuroko, she chose that it was more important to keep an eyes on Aomine to keep him out of difficulties. Momois is a boyhood sweetheart and a permanent playfellow. They were very intimate as kids and often used to play hoops together.

She was Satsuki and she was Dai-chan. She stayed right next to him and kept an eye on him to make sure he didn't go out. After they had an argument about Momoi having told her trainer to take him off the squad because of injury, he loses it and says he doesn't want to see her "or her nasty face" anymore.

Mumoi broke into a tear, threw a clip board in his face, ran away and called his face silly. When Aomine has been defeated by Kagami, he asks her to go to the store with him to buy some exercise equipment, which makes her laugh, and then she calls him "Dai-chan" again, but only privately.

The irony is that Momoi is exactly the kind of Aomine; a big -breasted woman. Usually Momoi and Akashi were collecting information for their teams. They and Kise got along well because of their similarly sparkling characters (and Kise was the first to realize that she was in love with Kuroko). The first time they saw Momoi, they were drawn to her, to say the least.

Often they get busted wetting them, after which they are penalized by Riko, who is confused by Momois beautifulness and temper. More than often, the differences between Momoi and Rico's basket sizes are noticed. As Momoi clutches Kuroko, the whole crew is filled with envy. Although Momoi respected the strengths of the squad, she was still confident that the T?? Academy was too powerful for her, as she was already sure of T??'s win when she and Riko got together and informed her about their game in the first round of the Wintercups.

In a passionate response, Riko said she should not look down on her, and Momoi was finally shown to be a winner at T?? in the World Cup. Nevertheless, she showed a great athleticism and still congratulates them and since then she cheers them on in the Winter Cup and even helps them to train for the coming games (which are sometimes their efforts to get nearer to Kuroko).

In the first survey of characters, Momoi came in sixteenth with 345 voices. Kanji ? (Momo) in Momoi means pear or pear rose, which indicates her colour of coat. She' s spending her free hours doing her groceries. Whoever she' s looking for is Kuroko. She gives a nickname to the closest to her.

Kuroko is "Tetsu-kun", Kise is "Ki-chan", Midorima is "Midorin", Murasakibara is "Muk-kun", Akashi is "Akashi-kun"[56], and Kagami is "Kagamin". When they were kids, she called Dai-chan to her mother when they were kids, but she began to call him Aomine-kun, otherwise she said that" men will talk".

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