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For the surname Molud 3,000 data from the Population Quarter are available.

For the surname Molud, 3,000 data from the birth of the population are available. The Molud Population Surveys can tell you where and how your forefathers worked, their educational background, their veterans and more. There' 642 immigrant records for the last name Molud. Timetables are your tickets to find out when your forebears landed in the USA and how they made the voyage - from the name of the vessel to the port of destination and alighting.

For the last name Molud, 1,000 files are available. Army collectibles offer veteran Molud-aged soldiers insight into where and when they ministered, and even into the physics of their work.

Id-el Maulud in Nigeria

Sunnite Muslims celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad ('Muhammad') on the twelfth anniversary of the Muslim months of Rabi' al-awwal, while Shiite Muslims celebrate him on theenteenth. Muhammad is considered the last of the prophets. Mawlid or Milad, marked the year 570 of the Bregorian calender.


Moulud is a musical instrument played in Kutch by a group of men in a group without an instrument. There are three kinds of moles chanted to remember the Prophet's birthday, marriage and deaths. Usually at nights at festivals, marriages, societal events or when the nomads gather in the wide meadows of Kutch and sing the nigh.

Individuals' vocals are distributed with pauses and choir in such a way that the shortage of rhythmical or other musical tools is compensated. These melodies and their rhythm are so well anchored in the soul of the vocalists that even those who normally do not perform together on a regular basis can synchronise their vocals very well.

The first moles are thought to have been chanted at the moment of the Prophet Mohammed's birthday and marriage, and his supporters have followed the traditions ever since. Moulud is chanted by Mutwa, Haliaputra, Rayasi, Jat, Pathan and other Moslem congregations. Moles are usually only chanted by men. Rasudo is singing.

Yat girls are singing the Lord's praises in a similar way to Maude, and so this tune was called Maude. Even without the instrument, the girls are singing and sitting in a group.

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