The Moldavite can only be found in Bohemia (Czech Republic) in the Ries crater in the Vltava valley (after which it was named). This is the leading online Moldavit collection. Mouldavite is a tectite and a stone of intense frequency and high vibration. Many worship Moldavite because of its very strong and intense vibrations.

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Healing Energies, Metaphysical Properties, A look at Moldavite and there is no doubt that it is a gem of size, ethereally cut from sacred fire and intended for the end..... The enigmatic verdant charm is the result of nature's meteorite strike with Mother-Earth, a powerful violence. Corroded by power and flames as it came down from heaven, Moldavite came back to the face of the world, a jar of astonishing tenderness and charm willing to minister to humanity.

Moldavite with its lovely verdant energies is first and foremost a gem of the soul. There is a chakra of the cardio near the sternum. If the chakra of the cardio is out of equilibrium, you may either find yourself feeling or feeling in control in a relation and critically seeing the small weaknesses of others.

The use of crystalline engery is used to release blockades and rebalance the heart to help us clearly comprehend our own needs and sentiments. Molavite also activates the Third Eye and crown chakras. Our forehead or Celestial Eye is the centre of our perceptions and commands. We are conscious here, and we refer to ourselves through this Cakra.

If the brow chakra is in equilibrium, our thoughts and our own communication within ourselves are sound and alive. We' re open to new thoughts, desires and vision and can manage the energetic flows in all of our canas. Moldavite has a high vibration rate that can trigger individual or all of a chakra, often at the same time and sometimes with great emotionality.

It' also known to be a stimulant for kundalini energies. Light green crystal promotes spiritually growing and recommitment to a higher cause. See The Book of Stones, p.265 for a full Moldavite Grail Meditation. When your date of birth comes in one of the following seasons, a moldavite of the specified colour can be a precious link to your guardian angel.

There' other angels who like moldavite. Green glory Persephone cystals, the Greek goddess of spring. Molavite can also be used to honour Gaia, the Greek mother goddess of the earth. A second way is to find your own stone with the colour wheels of your world. Click on the image The Birth Stone to find out more.

After all, many humans use the conventional bricks of the animal circle. Mouldavite Birthstone. Molavite is one of the native gems of those who are lucky enough to be borne in the midst of springs (20 April - 20 May). Emerald crystal brings you innovation, new business and good physical wellbeing. Although not associated with a particular star constellation, Moldavite is a rock derived from the star and therefore a general purpose commodity of all of these.

Moldavit uses timber power, the power of growing, expanding, starting over, nutrition and heath. You can use the use of crystal to add value to any room used for food in a small child's room or in a place in your home where you are starting a new one. Timber power is associated with the eastern and south-eastern areas of a house or room.

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