Damp can also be used to describe a situation or event. Lightly moist; characterized by the presence of moisture, not dry; moist. Synonymous discussion of moist.

wet, moist, moist, moist, moist, moist or more or less soaked with liquid. wet usually means saturation, but may require covering a surface with water or something (such as paint) not yet dry. Damp definition, moderate or slightly moist; moist. What do you think of the word "damp"?


Moisture is the ideal term to make others feel uneasy. "Doesn't that wet your panties?" Do you get a moist mug for your fishy bob. or have you said something stupid or awkward. with a fact that is particularly unpleasant, it is also decent to say something like'rahhh, which is moist'. I have no boyfriends, man!" Allow your naked wet" I can't man I go to my parent marriage " `Humid" Get a wet cup for your Abdul to.

The most hateful name in the whole wide globe - here is the reason for it

If you have a kidney that filters surplus fluid and debris from your body, this will go somewhere: into your urinary tract. However, if you make a practice of keeping your bubble in place for long stretches of your life, you can expand your bubble even more. For example, a survey showed that almost twice the number of bladders were present in a nurse's office, who often kept it all days for professional reasons!

Cause your bubble may not be the only thing you need to dilate. They can also extend your outer sphincters. These are important muscle attached to the outside of your bubble, which are the gatekeepers of your gold fluid. If you have less oversight, for example, you run the danger of leakage of urine when your urinary tract is full, and of not draining it completely when you do.

This may not only make you need to urinate more often, as your Bladder is filling faster, but also cause a severe condition referred to as urethral retention, in which you end up with too much urethral fluid in your B.V. for too long. And, because your bubble is essentially a hot, moist sack of bodily wastes, it is the ideal culture medium for damaging germs that cause all kinds of harm.

What's even more serious is that if you are really out of luck and hold back too much of your own water, it can get into your kidney. There is good tidings that you tend to loose muscle and waaaaaay before your bubble reaches that point.

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