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The Mohawk is the world's largest flooring company offering style and performance for homes and businesses around the globe. Mohicans are the easternmost tribe of the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois Confederation. styling trends We' ve revised our privacy policy, which declares our use of cookie and similar technology. Please shut down your web browsers if you do not accept our privacy policy or our conditions of use. This is the best rug for animal lovers.

It is the only rug protector and the only guarantee for all your animals, all of them.

Now our premium, carefree fibre repellent to fluids makes it the world' s most durable and easy to maintain rug. The ArmorMax permeates the grain up to 5 times the abrasion strength of other elongated surfaces.

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The Mohawk is the world's biggest floor covering manufacturer, offering stylish and powerful solutions for homes and businesses around the planet. We offer a complete range of rigid and flexible surfaces for every use. Mohawk, the world's leading supplier of tiles, provides a large selection of dimensions, forms, surfaces and Reveal Imaging® custom graphics that can reproduce any type of work.

Mohawk' s fine Scottish designs and state-of-the-art production technologies provide the ideal mix of elegance and workmanship. Mohawk carpets combine the best in smoothness and spot resistance to give every home a warm and comfortable feel. Mohawk' award-winning SmartStrand product range launched the super-soft class of carpets, and the company's leading position in terms of durability comprises 100% recyclable polyesters and 100% recyclable polyesters.

Mohawk provides stylish and durable tiles and carpets that are suited to any business room and are comfortably interchangeable with a wide range of tough finishes. Mohawk is the world's biggest producer of carpets, combining fashionable styles to give colour and textures to any decor. Mohawk is the global innovator in the field of laminated floors and provides a real look with deep-structured finish.

Pioneering UNICOLIC laying system makes a new laminated carpet a great home improvement and the waterproof construction enhances the kitchen and bathroom. Mohawk' s luxurious vinylic tiles have become a world-leading brand with a nice, realist look and simple laying. Mohawk, the world's leading manufacturer of vinyls, has launched photo realism graphics, deep texture and brighter colours to create fashions and value for home and work.

Mohawk continues the traditional innovative products and is the pioneer of watertight wooden floorings that offer the natural look of timber without compromises. Our wooden collection is characterised by a nice, modern look and much-loved longer and broader floorboards. Sale of ceramics tiles, stonefloors and worktops in all the world' s stores. Sale of carpets, cushions, tiles, carpets, laminates, vinyls, luxury vinyls and wooden floorings on the United States.

Sale of laminates, luxurious vinyls, foils, carpets, floor tiles, wooden floors, slabs and insulating board in all non-North American stores.

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