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Myanmar is an example of a country that is trying to move and explore the enormous opportunities of the gambling industry. However, their personnel management is managed directly by MOHA. As Myanmar has enforced a gun control rule, all weapons including air rifles and domestic. As Myanmar has enforced a gun control rule, all weapons including air rifles and domestic. Burma - Maha MicroFinance Project.

Mohawk invites tenders for biometric passports

MoHA plans to tender for the proposed upgrading of ID cards to biometrical ID cards based on built operation transfers (BOT). At the moment the Department is in talks with interested political groups about the introduction of biometrical passes, also called e-passports, in accordance with current and future global norms. ePassports, a hard copy and digital pass with biometrical information that can be used to verify the owner's identities, will enforce better safety and help contain counterfeits, a high-ranking officer of the Department said.

People of Myanmar can get a 25,000 K pass in 10 working day if all necessary information and documentation is provided. In November 2012, the period of validity of the passes was prolonged from three years to five years. Following a recent system upgrades, visa seekers can now review the status of their applications with appropriate documentation at the entry point of the department issuing them.

Give back any illicit weapons, equipment and cars to the police: MEMBERS OF THE U.S. ARMY

Since Myanmar has implemented a weapons possession policy, all weapons, complete with handguns and homemade weapons, require a licence. Authorisations for the use of weapons are only issued after the applicant has been examined by the Ministry of the Interior. Similarly, communications devices may only be used after Myanma Telecommunications has issued a licence to use them.

On 15 October, while the Myanma police took action at Nay Pyi Taw International Airport against the use of unauthorised cars, guns and equipment and illegal communications equipment, the Myanma police confiscated two guns, munitions, three communications equipment and equipment belonging to three people. As part of the case, their homes in Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon were raided and other illicit weaponry was found, among them 13 guns and six of them.

34 communications equipment, munitions, accessories and an unauthorized car were also found. With regard to the holding of illicit firearms, Section 19 of the 1878 Law on Firearms states that the punishment for illicitly possessing firearms is three to seven years in prison with forced work. Likewise, the sentence for holding firearms according to 19 of the 1,951 Firearms Act is three to seven years in prison.

Pursuant to 67 of the Communications Act 2013, the sentence for the ownership or use of illicit or non-licensed communications equipment is at least one year in prison, a monetary punishment or both.

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