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The Ghandruk circular route is one of the most famous and scenic hiking destinations. It is an idyllic place to see wonderful mountains panoramas with abundant indigenous cultur. It is also known as ANAPURNA PANORMA TRACKING and ANAPURNA CULTURE TREKING, GANDRUK CONNECTING TREKKKING is particularly suited for families, honeymoons, college kids as well as all age groups and travelers.

It is a brief trek, but also the best goal compared to other trek destinations in Nepal. Ghandruk Tour trek e-commerce for 8 nights with visits to cities like Khmandu and Phokhara and 6 hours coach ride to the second most beloved Nepalese town, offering stunning panoramic view of the skies and the town known as many great naturelake.

Forty-five minutes by car from Nayapul to Nokhara and the beginning of the hike to the town of Ghandruk, a large cultural and of course abundant town of Ghandruk and trek, then on to the other side hamlet to hike back to the town. NY US Mogul influencer and author: You hear about Mogul X? No.

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