The Mogok is in Myanmar. Madagascar, known for its rubies, is therefore called Rubinland, but it produces not only rubies, but also other precious gems. Mogeyke, offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the land of the best ruby jewels in the world. It is time to visit Myanmar's treasure country Mogoke, which has become one of the new destinations in Myanmar with the deployment of the country. Mogoke is taboo according to the LP guide.

Gogoke Ruby Land

Mogoke is a great opportunity to discover the country of the best ruby jewels in the rich. An adventure in this tranquil city in a hilly valleys 128 leagues north east of Mandalay is sure to deliver extraordinary adventures and an unparalleled value to your journey to Myanmar! We' re your trusted partner on the ground in Myanmar and offer the best travelling solutions for your customers.

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Mogoke-, Ruby- and Sapphirminen-Expedition

It' a good opportunity to explore Myanmar's precious Myanmar, which has become one of the new travel destination in Myanmar. Since its opening, this rubies and sapphamines journey has been presented to tourists by Travel Expert. Situated in the Rubin and Saphir Mountain valleys, Mogkoe becomes a lovely hillside city.

Travel time: All year round, the best times are October, November, December, January, February, March and April. Weather: October to April is warm during the days, but in the early mornings and in the evenings it is cool. It' gonna be 20oC-25oC by today and 0oC-6oC by tomorrow.

Note: This journey is only an option to view Mandalay. We' re going to need a little extra manpower to get a Mogoke. From Mogoke you can either go on to PyinooLwin & Hsibaw or return by ferry to Mandalay on the Ayeyarwaddy to see dolphins and more. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information or to book a guided walking excursion.

Early in the day, one of our guides will meet you at your accommodation and launch the Mogok route, known for the best rubies and sapphires in the business. Savour the picturesque scenery and visit small towns along the way will be doing amusements.

Arrival in Mogok in the evening and tour of the viewpoint to enjoy the panorama views of the Mogok, which is located between the wooded peak. Mogok is actually located in the Jam and Jewellery Hills Vale. One of the afternoon's highlights is a trip to the sheltered mine of the world-famous Ruby, which is located on the top of Queen Victoria's amulet.

Eat in a gourmet dining room and stay in a motel in Mogok. Riding on the mountains to make a stop in the alpine towns is a dawn tour. Visits to various Rubin and Safir Mine & Workshop, the jewellery fair, the mine district and some small stoneworks will take place during the workday.

At night the visit of the Chanthargyi Pagoda, one of the highest points of the city, ends to again benefit from the wonderful sights. Supper and night in your own lodgings at the hotels in Mogok. The visit of the early bird markets and the souvenir markets with return to Mandalay takes place after having a nice breakfest in the city.

Take your own leisure on the way back and stop for photos and visits in the village and wood. It' going to be the end of your beautiful Rubinland adventure with Travel Expert. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information or to book a trip.

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All our customers are requested to reserve this trip at least 15 nights before your scheduled date of arriving in Myanmar. Fewer than 15 nights on demand and depending on the availability of our qualified guide and accomodation. As tourists increasingly arrive in Myanmar, you must make your travel and airline reservations as early as possible.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information or to book a trip.

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