Mogok Ruby ring

Ruby Mogok ring

This is a beautiful ruby and diamond ring from Faidee. A beautiful ruby ring handmade in Myanmar (Burma). Buying a ruby ring with diamonds on the side.

And Mogok Rubies: Your beauty and story

In Mogok, during the rule of King Pindale (1648-1661) a huge ruby of great colour and clearness was found by a village dweller called Nga Mauk, after whom the ruby was finally called. This ruby had a gross carat of about 80 carat and was presented to the king.

Nga Mauk Rubin vanished without a sign after the British lost and annexed Burma in 1885. Later the Nga Mauk ruby was regarded as the biggest ruby of the British royal family. Writing in the paper "Which jewels replace rubies", writer Mary Johnson described how Myanmar jewels differ from their mates.

Myanmar ruby has a long tradition and is the best ruby of the highest qualitiy on the global markets. Speaking as a citizen of the state known as Rubinland, it is unfortunate to know that Burma's Ruby is now prohibited by the US administration for violating the civic liberties of the regime known as the junta.

Five-minute ride with..... a Myanmar Ruby Ring

Ratnaraj, which in Sanskrit means "king of gems", is one of the most important ruins of dovecote ever to have been auctioned. Dovecrops is the name for the highest possible color saturation and true-to-nature reddish fluorescent color in a ruby. With a weight of an amazing 10.05 carat, Ratnaraj is a miracle of nature.

Christie's Hong Kong in December 2015 sells the 15.04 ct Crimson Flame Ruby for $18.3 million - the highest ever for one ruby and still the highest ever bid. By May 2016, a 10.02 ct and 9.09 ct ruby earring pair broke another ruby earring history when they were auctioned at Christie's Hong Kong in May 2016 for $11.6 million.

Breathtaking Ratnaraj was created by Faidee and will be the star of the Magnificent Jewels Sales in Hong Kong on 29 November. The ruby, assembled on a ring of plate and golden and surrounded by colorless diamond, is about 13.65 x 11.50 x 6.55 mm and comes from the Mogok Valley in Burma.

With Burmese and other countries producing fewer and fewer large size gemstones, the presence of any diamond greater than 5 carat at the fair is a reason for celebrations among gem lovers.

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