Mogok Browser for Android

Android browser for Mogok

Now, we need some donors for Android. Myanmar Web Browser First and only one that fully support reading/writing of Burma's language (Unicode/Zawgyi) and works on iTouch/iPhone and iPad. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock. Since we do not have Mogok - Myanmar Web Browser 3.7.

1 hosted on our server, we have not checked it for virus, ads, spyware or other types of harmful software.

Myanmar Web Browser App Download

After upgrading I bought the Myanmar Professional today, I can't really see Myanmar. I' m not sure if the warnings are from apples or advertisements from Mogok. I would like to know where to get help to see the right typeface in Myanmar. I' ve been trying to find a friendly tab-based browser.

A big problem is that every while I open the application, I have to log into the iTunes Store. But it would be nice to have a paying copy without advertisements. Hey.... I got mogok pro armored. It's okay......

However, in the last release this application always crashed. Please fix it..... To use google translate (translate to Myanmar) in my pad now..... Can' t study on my iPod anymore..... application crashed every when you click Bookmark in the bookmark bar. Home browsing is not working. I am now using the pay-per-view 3.3.

If you surf on Facebook, it crashes and crashes and crashes..... When the iPad is in the horizontal format and tries to enter the Myanmar keypad, the keypad switches are not behind the master keypad, so I have to go back to the vertical formatting. At some point while you' re typeing, it crashes. It' s a nuisance to see the ad after the upgrade to the payload.

I can' t open the browser after the upgrade. The keypad reaction is too sluggish when you type it. All right, but there are so many collisions. When using the browser when I use color-browser, when I am scrolling down page, stop working! When using the browser with mb when scrolling down, the page no longer works..... I' ve used this browser for Myanmarews and Facebook.

It is very nice to use for the Myanmar website because it is quicker than other Myanmar websites. Eighty-nine dollars. I just purchased the Pro Edition for $1.99 and the messages still showing up. That release is a bunch of crashes..... Whenever I open the page, it disappears.....

Cannot type Myanmar typeface. Correct this problem, it is always crashing and I can't even European..... after the 2 release upgrade. 2 always crash. do no up-date. I' m sorry about the upgrade of the new release (2. 2). I regretted it after updating the new release. Layouts and displays are good-looking, but the keypad is inferior.

Preceding keypad is better.....'Nuff said!! I bought the latest iPad for the iPad and it looks good, but it crashes (close the browser by itself when I read the FB. The Back button (previous page) does not always work with the latest release. Still uncomfortable, ended dead by iP's MGs came out whenever I tried to open some of my facesbook page, even though it fixes the preceding issue about recovering the meeting.

I' m glad it works for Myanmar and Facebook.

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