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View the daily app ranking, rankings, ratings, features and ratings of top apps like MoeMaKa Burmese News on the Google Play Store. See the location, income, industry and description of the Burmese monastery. Look online or download moemaka Burmese news video archives. On-line world news and features in Burmese. Burmese names are an honor, not a last name.

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Up to 80 GB per months from 8000 via one of a kind IP (Internet Services Provider) server. The organisation's main source of funding is in the form of government donations and contributions and part of the organisation's contributions. At the moment we have 55,000.00 US$ official donations and 20,000 US$ from the Open Society Institute - Burma Project Initiatives subsidy according to the 2007 Annual Finance Statement.

Burma is the land where the people's free speech and will is repressed and the fundamental violations of Burma's fundamental humanitarian law are repressed by the Myanmar armyjunta such as those in North Korea and Sudan.

In order to realise the association's objectives, we carry out the following tasks; the association's statutory objectives are defined as follows;

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