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Myanmar's Ministry of Education is the government agency responsible for education in Myanmar. I' m an autodidactic digital artist and graphic designer from Yangon, Myanmar. He is currently working at the Ministry of Education. Myanmar Ministry of Education, Myanmar - History. The Japanese Ministry of Environment (MOE) / Myanmar's Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Results of the enrolment examination 2016 will be published later.

The results of the 2015-16 national enrollment test will be published on Saturday, June 11, according to the Ministry of Education and the Mon State's Office of Education Administration. Class 10 enrolment examinations, which take place every year for two consecutive week in March, are accepted into the degree programmes provided that they reach the necessary score for the selected degree programme.

Failed student can try again next year. More than 590,000 university graduates throughout the entire state took the enrollment examination in 2016, almost 20,000 of them in Mon State, 12,000 of them women, according to statistics: "The examination results will be published in the same places as before. Sites will not be changed," said an officer from the Department of Myanmar Examinations.

The results of the 2014-2015 academy year earned the Irrawaddy Division first place in the country in terms of pass rate, with 51.78 per cent of graduate grades. Second-highest, Mon State, at 43.40 per cent, after taking first place in a series for the past six years.

Magway and Rangoon were not far behind with 40.86 per cent and 37.16 per cent respectively. In the past year, almost 8,000 of the 18,000 enrolment candidates in Mon State have successfully completed their enrollment examinations. Of these, 20 were awarded 6 subject awards, 60 5 subject awards, 224 4, 293 3, 400 undergraduates 2 and 1,646 undergraduates 1.

There are 1,435 educational institutions in the state of Mon: There are 90 high schools, 106 secondary and 1,239 elementary colleges, according to the Mon State EDU.

Burma Enrollment 10th Board Results

The results of enrollment in Myanmar can be viewed on the offical website. The Myanmar enrollment results announced on June 2018 will not be included in the first Myanmar enrollment calender. Burmese Matriculation score has posted on Myanmar Matriculation offical website & score web site ie SMC crew will update score on this page after explanation boards score.

The outcome of enrollment in Myanmar is very important for the attending university. Burma high school graduation will also announce tenth grade score too. A number of post-graduate researchers are looking for a name-appropriate answer; it is also published on the results web site of the 10. We' ll release the immediate reference to the results at the end of the post. Over 12. In Myanmar, more than 12. laukids have been enrolled in the enrollment exam.

Pupils wait for the results of the examinations and the earnings lists. Part of the Name is a trendy keyword that can be found on any of the boards or test results. Burma will also be the 10th member state of Myanmar, as mentioned by name. Privatschulen want to show their own results in advertising. We' ll also post a shortcut to verify the name.

Candidates who have a role number can review the results with ease. In order to verify the results on the Myanmar Matriculation website, you should have the role number or base detail of the applicant. The results at work are also important for checking or analysing academic outcomes. It may not be available in Myanmar.

They can verify the consecutive role number to verify each outcome. Name Wise Results - Type your name and your father's name (at least 3 characters of each name) and click get results. Many thanks for visiting "Myanmar Matriculation 10th Board Results 2018-".

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