MEPT MODUS is an engineering firm specializing in the development of sustainable designs for mechanical, electrical, sanitary and technological systems. Mode is an eDiscovery company that provides law firms and companies with eDiscovery and managed services to optimize business intelligence. SUBSEA is a specialized provider of integrated project services and remote and autonomous technologies for SUBSEA and SEABED interventions.

Mode by Merriam

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Mode - The Killer in Us (TV-Series 2015-)

Twenty-five years ago, a police academy graduate was charged with investigating an unsolved case: the assassination of a expectant mother on a seaside in Sweden. Kahina Zadi (Leïla Bekhti), a murderer in Kiruna, Sweden, sees the violent killing of a national. Seven years after her daugher's death, a private eye is returning to her home town to try to find a link to a case in progress.

Desperate for solving a felony in a secluded city in Iceland, a strong wind blows over the city. Following his Asian triumph, Aksel Borgen, a business man, is asked to return to his home city of Norway to rescue an important Korean company, even though he has been convicted for 20 years and later cleared of the murder of his high scholastic love.

Rebecka Martinsson returned to the northern part of Kiruna when a girl-friend in youth died unexpectedly. Sweden's political scene, extremeism and war. She is a careless living with her ancestors near Stockholm and works as an bookkeeper in the yachting harbour. Sonja is dragged to the criminals one of these days to rescue her people.

Maja Silver, the Commissioner of Justice, goes back to her old home town in the Bible beltway to see her little girl when a horrible find paralyses the small town. If a corpse is found on the Denmark-Sweden link, directly at the frontier, the Dane foot chief Martin Rohde and the Swede legend Norén must divide the responsibility and work together to find the murderer.

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