ODOK is the name of several fictional super villains who appear in American comic books by Marvel Comics. bw_history">Publikationsgeschichte="mw-editsection-bracket">="mw-editsection-bracket">[edit]>> The name MODOK (also spelled M.O.D.O.

K.; an abbreviation for Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing) is the name of several fictitious super villas that appear in Marvel Comics' comics. First MODOK is a former associate of Advance Idea Mechanics, an weapons trading organisation that specialises in futurist weapons and is undergoing extensive clinical experiments that were initially intended to enhance its brain.

MODOK made its Silver Age of Comic Books debut and played in over four years of Marvel continuance in the mini-series Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 #1-5 (cover date September-December 2008) and a self-titled one-shot edition MODOK: The MODOK was re-released in Captain America #120 (December 1969) and #133 (January 1971). He also played in a plot in Sub-Mariner #49 (May 1972) before becoming the main rogue in an expanded plot in Hulk #167-169 (September-November 1973).

The MODOK also took part in the plot "War of the Supervillains" in Iron Man #74-75 (May-June 1975). The MODOK has a number of meetings with Mrs. Marvel in Ms. Marvel #5 (May 1977); #7 (July 1977); #9 (September 1977) and #10 (October 1977). Ongoing fighting against the Marvel-Hero followed, among them Iron Man Annual #4 (Dec. 1977); Marvel Team-Up #104 (April 1981) and Marvel Two-In-One #81-82 (November-December 1981).

After an unsuccessful commandment to use the other Hulk enemy of abomination to reach his goals in Hulk #287-290 (September-December 1983), MODOK is murdered in Captain America #313 (January 1986). Throughout the history of Taking AIM in Avengers #386-387 (May-June 1995); Captain America #440 (June 1995); Avengers #388 (July 1995) and Captain America #441 (July 1995) MODOK is revived.

1 (septembre 2005) ; Marvel Holiday Special 2006 (janvier 2007) et GLA-Xmas Special #1 (février 2006). Following short appearances in the mutated tracks X-Men #200 (August 2007) and Uncanny X-Men #488 (September 2007), MODOK was introduced in Ms. Marvel vol. 2, #14-17 (June-September 2007) and was released in two mini-series: July-September 2008) and #5-6 (November 2008) and Super-Villain Team-Up:

MODOK's 11 #1-5 (September-December 2008). also in Hulk #600 (September 2009); Astonishing Tales vol. 2 #2 (May 2009) and the one-shot magazine MODOK: Later MODOK won a mate in MODOK Superior, where the characters first came out in Hulk vol. 2 #29 and was made by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman.

While the case of Hulk's plot, it is unveiled that MODOK is a member of Intelligencia, which has a role in the establishment of both Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk. He underwent a mutagenous transformation into MODOK, transforming him into super-human intellect, which included a computer-like store, the capacity to search and store large amounts of information very quickly, and to resolve abstracted mathematic issues almost instantly.

MODOK's great intellect makes him one of the few beings who can analyse and understand the functioning of the Cosmic Cube, which was the real object of his work. Being a MODOK he also has psychic forces that allow him to interact with others through the use of psychic illusion, throw delusions, exercise psychological command over people and large groups, create energy spheres that can resist small atomic blasts and direct his mind into disastrous rays through a browband.

AIM' s leadership, MODOK has progressive technologies, capabilities and a dedicated team. The MODOK Superior has the same intellectual and intellectual power as the MODOK, but apparently none of its softness. Much smaller MODOK was released in 1994 in the Iron Man TV show, uttered by Jim Cummings.

An ardent supervisor like Red Ghost, however, made him MODOK. Then MODOK came to Mandarin in the hope of healing. The MODOK can be seen in Iron Man: It will appear in the editions "Ready, AIM, Fire" and "Panther's Prey", but will be available in the installment "Designed Only for Chaos". It will then appear in the sequences "Uncontrollable" and "The Falcon and the Spider".

The MODOK will be released on the Super Hero Squad Show, uttered by Tom Kenny. The " K " in the MODOK abbreviation means " kicking-butt ". "where the Grey Hulk joke says that the "K" is for " Kickball ", whereby MODOK disproves that this is not what it is. The Avengers publishes MODOK:

It is featured in the series " Iron Man is Born", "Everything is Wonderful", "Widow's Sting" and "Hail, Hydra! Avengers MODOK is published in the Avengers Assemble cartoon series,[65] uttered by Charlie Adler. 66 ] This release is considered AIM's most important guide. Following this failure and the removal of Iron Man's armour to place on Red Skull, MODOK uses microscopes to take command of Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, Hulk and Thor, while the Iron Skull aims at the Arc Reactor in Avengers Mansion before Stark liberates the Avengers.

Later MODOK will serve as a founder member of Iron Skull's Cabal alongside Attuma, Dracula and Hyperion, using his own strengths in the field of astronomy and winning the super-adaptoid as his own emorcer. Although he is regarded as Iron Skull's most trustworthy vassal, the two-part MODOK final of the year finds itself treacherous and thus played a part in Iron Skull's beat.

Now that Red Skull has escaped, MODOK becomes the new Cabal commander and transports her away to battle the Avengers another one. In the second series MODOK reappears with the Mind Stone enslavement S.H.I.E.L.D. and temporarily transfers his awareness to the tri-carrier, where he increases his physical weight - up to a complete man's shape - with pymparticle in reaction to the dangers Ultron represents for him before the Avengers and Ant-Man bring him back to his accustomed self.

The MODOK will return to Avengers: In" Show Your Work" MODOK is planning to re-populate the earth with his own clothes, which Task Master unwillingly allies with the New Avengers, and is beaten by Ms. Marvel and the Vision. The MODOK is released in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic strip show, again uttered by Charlie Adler.

In the first series, he was seen in S.H.I.I.E.E.L.D.'s data base for the most wanted perpetrators in the film Doomed. And when S.H.I.E.L.D.'s safety material shows the beetle that comes out of jail in the Beetle Mania film. During the third series of the "Contest of Champions" Pt. 3 MODOK was locked up on the Grand Master's vessel.

The MODOK and leader work on the teleport while the others fight against the Grand Master. While the last cavalry were evacuating, MODOK and Leader took the chance to be transported from the Grand Master's vessel. The MODOK will appear in the 2013 animation Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel[67], in which Charlie Adler plays his part anew.

The MODOK is featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon serial, again uttered by Charlie Adler. He and A.I.M. are fighting star lord on a quest to find a merger engine needed by Rocket Raccoon to fix Milano in the film Star Lord vs. MODOK. Star Lord succeeds in defeating MODOK and escaping.

The MODOK will be released in the Japan-based Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers 2014 game. The MODOK will appear as head in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, expressed by Michael Gough. Confronted with MODOK, the hero will freeze them with an entropic apparatus and give them a question where a correct response will cause MODOK to lose cover for a brief instant and an incorrect response will electrocute the hero.

One way or the other, if the players get the right or incorrect answer, MODOK will fight the hero and lose and stop S.H.I.E.L.D. Omega Base from falling into the levee. ODOK is the chief of the Marvel Super Hero Squad game: ODOK reappears as a bad guy and gameplayable characters in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, again uttered by Tom Kenny.

ODOK is the head of the Facebook Marvel: Avengers Alliance series. The MODOK figure will appear in Netmarmor's Marvel Future Fight. The MODOK performance is not available for play in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, whereby Wally Wingert takes over his part. 76 ][77] In the history of the match, he is the chief of A.I.M.brella, a merger of A.I.M. and the Umbrella Corporation of Resident Evil, and conducts experimentation to build B.O.W.s on Jedah Dohma's orders using the Mind Stone to oversee them.

In " Baby Götterdämerung " from the Powertrip record, the German rock star Monsters Magnet refer to the text "What would MODOK do if his mind were too full? "for the 1994 Iron Man cartoon show. A" Build-A-Figure" toys for Wave 15 of their Marvel Legends toys line was manufactured by TTY.

These toys asked the purchaser to buy all the characters in the shaft, each of which was supplied with a MODOK game. These parts would click together to make the MODOK character look like this. Hasbro has developed a more child-friendly model for its redesigned Super Hero Squad line in 2010, which was packed with Iron Man.

It is described on the back of the herd as "floating psychological super-threat". Initially MODOK was to be named MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Chaos), but its more well-known name was modified, although the descriptions do not give away what the actual meaning of the word is. Accessed February 22, 2013.

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