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Photograph by Modoc Yellow Hammer taken by Joseph Andrew Shuck before 1904... In the Oklahoma Historical Society's photographic archive, from the Lena Robitaille collection. Modoc are an Indian tribe that used to live in the area that now lies in north-eastern California and southern Oregon. Currently split between Oregon and Oklahoma, they are registered in one of the two state-approved strains, the Klamath Tribes in Oregon[2] and the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma.

Besides the Klamath, with whom they share a common tongue and the Modoc plateau, the groups near the Modoc house were the following: The Klamath River coast; Rogue River Athabaskans and Takelma westwards over the Cascade Mountains; Northern Paiute eastwards in the deserts; Achomawi or Pit River in the southwards, in the Pit River Drainage area.

Agawesh, where Willow Creek joins Lower Klamath Lake, the Gombatwa-s or Lower Klamath Lake People Band; Kumbat and Pashha on the banks of Tule Lake by the Pasganwa-s or Tule Lake People Band; and Wachamshwash and Nushalt-Hagak-ni on the Lost River by the Go?ewa-s or Lower Lost River People Band.

8][10][12][13] The Modoc are also known as Modok (Brandt and Davis-Kimball xvi). U.S. Attorney, 1873. A Modoc commander in the Modoc war. The Modoc Plateau, Modoc National Forest, Modoc County, California; Modoc, Indiana; and many other places are called after this group of ancestors. Skip up ^ 2011 Oklahoma American Nations Pocket Pictorial Directory.

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