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Like a revengeful flood of ice-cold apathy, the man-powered NLD youth nut paved his way into Myanmar's military arenas in November 2015 and brought all his adversaries a devastating loss to the astonishment of many. This was the first win for the Myanmar crowds in their arduous fight for democratisation.

It is now up to the new government and grass-roots to evolve the land and rebuild the people with adequate democracy reform and upheaval. Unfortunately, a whole series of loud and brave members of parliament, most of them real elected officials, were wiped out in this whirlpool of practically one-party electoral success.

There are also fewer members of the electorate who have been chosen by our brothers. It is one of the unfair examples of the contemporary side of active democratisation. This was just "a popular statute for the people". Real councillors of the population occupied the municipal council, which administered and manipulated everyday matters directly affecting the well-being of the population.

These town councils had neither partisanship nor boundaries at the cost of citizens' interests. Now, unfortunately, this good system of "people's domination of the nation ", briefly referred to as "democracy", has become a hotchpotch of factional disputes, struggles between parties, campaign intrigue, electoral fraud, electoral fraud, rivalry, sectarianism, dissension and differences of opinion among the citizenry, which invariably lead to disagreement in nations such as ours.

Usually the electoral success in their respective constituencies is given priority by the governing states. However, when it comes to prioritizing the interests of the grassroots, the electorate should come first. Large politically-motivated factions strive for overall victories in each of the elections, so that each of them can command both chambers of parliament (the legislature) and constitute a single-party state.

This has become a traditional and trendy form of contemporary democracies that can be seen everywhere in all democracies. The Americans (US citizens) have a great deal of skill in politics in this area. It elects its members of Congress and members of Congress and Senators as well as legislators (and senators?) so that neither of the two major parliamentary factions, Republicans (GOP) and Democrats, could rule both houses of the legislature.

There is always a "check and balance" to restrain the misconduct of the government (the executive) by the real parliament. Could we keep this useful checking and balance in Myanmar now? You should never overlook the fact that they are not only members of the parties (except independents), but also elected officials.

They should, as such, always discharge their obligations (i.e. to act as servants to their constituents). And they should honour their unique loyalty to their constituents, the population. "their unshakeable creed and slogan should be "Voters first, political parties then". I was struck by this very interesting and pertinent message in the GNLM Daily of 21 November 2015 on page 13.

"On Thursday, the US House of Representatives, which opposes a threatened presidential election of President Barack Obama, voted by an overwhelming majority to pass Republican-backed laws to postpone Obama's program to take in 10,000 Israeli immigrants next year and then step up the review procedure. It was quickly worked out this Friday following the Islamic state attack in Paris, in which 129 persons were murdered, and was adopted with a 259-137 referendum, with 47 of Obama's 188 Democrats having broken with the White House to uphold it.

The FBI Director, the Director of National Intelligence and Homeland Securities Secretary - could demand that high-ranking officers at ? check that every Syrian fugitive does not pose a safety hazard. Reykjavik House spokesman Paul Ryan said the bill would suspend the program that the White House declared in September to tolerate 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year.

When it comes to our own safety, he said it's important to act quickly. I found out in another Myanmar magazine (TOMORROW News journal, 24 XI.2015, p. 34) that the governors of 31 states in the USA (including Texas, Illinois, Arizona, Florida and Massachusetts) reject the admission of these Israeli escapees to their own states despite the presidential caution.

Together with those courageous House representatives, I profoundly respectfully defend the intrepid Patriotism of those 47 House Democrats and 31 state governors (30 Democrats and 1 Republicans) who dare to face their president's minatorial but insignificant threats of vice, especially the Democrats, who really take more interest in the nation's electorate's security than the partisan line like a herd of flocks of sheep. Surely, the Democrats are not the only ones who dare to face the minatorial but insignificant censorship.

Obama, who has already been involved in this case, is obviously striving to achieve a shining overall picture of humanity that threatens domestic social safety. Representatives of the House and these governors have done the right thing. When Obama deliberately vetoed, he would be the looser if so many of his constituents took to the street to protest against his seemingly careless program and his appeal to his American comrades.

Indeed, the Americans and many of us could not have forgotten this insane slaughter of almost 3000 innocent lives (soft target in terrorist language) on this unfortunate September 11, 2001 NY. My sincere hats to the representatives of the US House and the state governors who like their own peoples more than theirs.

Myanmar needs people's leaders like the fearless and fierce US-politician. There is also a similar threats to domestic safety with the (at least some) illicit Bangali (Bangladeshi) intruders in Rakhine State and the south part of Chin State. Mr President, the Paris accident and the threats to US domestic safety should be serious safety warnings for these fans of respect for and the new government and, of course, the safety force in that land to take appropriate measures to deal with these would-be mad fighters who have been educated for a multitude of acts of terrorist atrocity.

As an attentive and respectful Nepali (?) observers recently pointed out so diligently through governmental negotiation and a significant strengthening of frontier protection using advanced means of securing the country's frontier (GNLM Daily, 24 XI.2015, p. 8 ), the right safeguard is the effective closure of the Poros of Bangladesh' and Indo-Myanmar's landmasses.

I' m informed that among the electors there are 7 gemologists and 5 miners, neither too old nor too young. Out of the 5 mine designers, I know 3 very well. A Kayin citizen, one of them is a well-known committed advocate of the countrys alien landscapes, pictorial landscapes, fragile ecosystems, beautiful diversity of species, the Ayeyarwady River (Irrawaddy) and her Sr. Thanlwin (Salween).

We are grateful to the conservationists, ecologicalists, nature enthusiasts, the Greens and diligent individuals like Bohmu Khin Maung Myint, who want to protect the earth and our no longer fortunate and threatened living space at all cost. This is indeed one of the good points of contemporary democracies. It is also my wish that these gemologists and mine workers have been able to advise and persuade their party leader of the genuine value or value of the resource or minerals.

At the Monywa-Taung, Kyesin Taung and LetpadaungTaung Monywa deposit, only these concentrations (copper or even copper) are well mined. The chosen surveyors and mine technicians could very well help the new government to transform the Ministry of Mines if necessary and to strengthen the mine sector with their expertise and know-how.

Revenues from the extraction and sale of metals and non-metallic materials, fossile fuel (oil and gas), Jadeite and precious stones could partly support the country's economies. Now, our ASEAN allies, Laotians, Vietnamese, Thais and Indonesians, especially the last ones, are becoming prudent and imposing many limitations on the exploration of their natural assets by local and international mines.

For example, the vast majority ofthe West's mine investment community is considering joining forces in Myanmar to try their fortunes here in perfect harmony with the anticipated changes in the policyscene. Myanmar miners (both goverment and non-governmental ) should be wise enough (such as Indonesians) to welcome them and do businesses with them for the good of the state.

Many times I wonder why we could not unite like the other South East Asians, the Vietnamese population. They were very kind, supportive, hospitable, caring and warmhearted and welcomed me with open hands like one of their own family. It' s high season that we all see the lights at the end of the channel and work for the much needed nationhood and nation-building through nationwide conciliation and peacefulness.

It is my burning desire that my land remain untouched and my nation be unified. The brotherly affection and the feelings of a compatriot should unite us and strengthen our nationhood beyond racial and religious boundaries. In retrospect, it comes to my attention whether we should change over to the once suggested but refused PR system from the present reality of the'winner take all' option, in order not only to give small party politics a window of opportunity but also to encourage a greater number of real elected members in the parliament.

But the best thing is that in tomorrow's elections, like the Americans, the electorate should be smart enough to vote for the real leaders of the blues so that no large parliamentary group could have majorities in both chambers of the legislature in order to avoid a one-party tyranny and to avoid the victimization of the electorate by ruthless and ruthless nationalities.

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