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The former name Yangon is not the only victim of symbolic changes in this country. During his reign, Yangon got its current name ("Rangoon" is a less accurate transliteration) and was built as the main port of Myanmar. Replies for Rangoon crossword hint. No skyscrapers and few modern buildings. Join us on our journey to the Modern Men of Myanmar.

Yangon (Disambiguation)

Yangon relates to the Yangon town, also known as Rangoon, the former Burmese capitol. This can also apply to several things whose name is related to or deduced from the city: This is Crab Rangoon, a kind of dumplings from the kitchen of China. The Disamiguation page shows items related to Rangoon.

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Rangoon (Yangon)

Yangon has a relatively brief past as an important town. King Anawrahta unified the land in the eleventh Century and founded the First Myanmar Empire in Bagan, more than 20 years before the Norman conquest of England in 1066. Today, the former Bagan Empire includes parts of Myanmar and Thailand.

Second Myanmar Empire, established by Queen Bayinnaung in the mid-16th c.. Last dynasty was established in 1752 by Alaungpaya, the Emperor. Yangon was erected by Alaungpaya, after he conquered lower Myanmar, in 1755. Prior to its construction, the country was the former site of Pongon, which means "dragon" in English.

By founding this town, the Emperor was hoping that he would be able to end the conflict and win Burma's truce after he conquered lower Myanmar. That was when the Brits entered the town. Burma became a UK settlement after three Anglo-Myanmar battles, one in 1825, one in 1852 and one in 1885.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Shedagonagoda, a 2,500-year-old buddhistic sanctuary and a high point in Yangon, was the centre of many civic activity. In 1885, Yangon became the capitol of Myanmar when the Brits captured Myanmar. It was the UK's choice to make this town, then known as Rangoon, the capitol of Mandalay, the end of its heyday.

Myanmar has been an autonomous state since January 4, 1948, after 62 years of Colonization. Burma was the last of the British occupation of the area.

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