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Contemporary Myanmar

We' re a business TV station in Yangon, Myanmar. A historian and journalist who travelled to Myanmar to promote his new book Blood, Dreams and Gold: Young man serving beer at a liquor store in Yangon, Myanmar. All modern genocide has followed this pattern. Myth, animism and religion form the core of Myanmar.

Contemporary Myanmar: How tourism is transforming Yangon

With Yangon's appeal to expats and tourism, the city's offer is growing. Formerly isolated from the outside environment, modern pubs, restaurant- and gym buildings are being constructed to satisfy the increasing expectations of people. Yangon's eating possibilities expand as fast as the waist of an enthusiastic visitor.

Chinatown's Nineteenth Road stays a basic food for a low-cost meal with open-air barbecues and a low light, overcrowded road at sunset. Rangoon Tea House, the Green Gallery and the House of Memories are still the basic foods of the Yangon Foodie-Dit. Located just off Yangon's Central Railway and Pearl Condo in Bahan Township, Nawaday St. is home to a variety of international cuisine outlets.

The waterholes around the town are more luxury than ever and now offer a sparkling view of the sky and the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda. In addition to the usual Inle Lake stroll, expatriates have started to engage in disciplines such as stand-up paddle boarding at Yangon Sailing Club and kickboxing (lethwei) at Phoenix boxing gym and YMCA.

Yangon Hash House Harriers, who call themselves a "drinking society with walking problems", gather every Saturday near the University of Yangon. In addition, mens and womens fitness centres throughout the town offer men and womens the opportunity to improve their agility and muscular tonus in an welcoming and stimulating area.

There are several venues available for expatriates, guests and local people, among them the Brettspielclub, which gets together on Saturdays, and a varied improvisation group, which gets together on Sunday and appears on a regular basis at the Seventh Joint Bar and Grill. A number of new businesses are emerging to provide an insight into Myanmar's Capital of Culture.

While Unchartered Horizons organizes bike trips to the near Dala, Myanm/Art Galerie also organizes one-day walks around the exhibition in Dala in addition to several days of multi-city cycling. It is an artwork galery that welcomes guests to its workshop and take groups on photographic trips through interesting roads in Yangon.

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