Model Village Project Proposal

Proposal for a model village project

Chennai Model Village Development Program. The main objectives of a model village project are:. There is no information available for this page. Things to do in a model village? Courses NSS.

Project for the development of a model village until 2016 (narrow)

There is only one way this project has made the "MAKE IN INDIA" vision possible, so please go through the presentations thoroughly and I will write a successful history after one year. Two years of studying and living (I have stayed in the village most of the year since 2013 ), I have now devised a time-bound programme of actions for this transformation work for this village.

This is why you take so much time: - To win the trust of the vast majority of villagers, as they are the true driving force of this transition, so they should first have the feeling that this is for their own good, so they should take part with all their hearts, because this is not just an economical but also a transformative action that affects every area of it.

  • In the lack of such trust, my first attempts to develop the metallurgical industries to produce candle, by founding a LIMITED LIBILTY GROUP, foundered on the deception of a scoundrel, since there are scoundrels in every village who do not want to be transformed. Trust is therefore very important for such a project of transition, which can only be guaranteed through the exchange of experience and exchange of views with the beneficiary, as in the past often betrayed individuals and their financial situation is not so good to take further risks.
  • To show my determination (to the people) by leading my first institute ("MA GAYATRI VIEDYA PEETH"), despite so many obstacles overcome by villains and short-sighted souls. - Now, the mood for this project is good, because in a new flood of unauthorised occupations between rogues and a villager, the sacrifice came to me and I was on his side and had provided for fairness, so that now the villagers are preparing for changes and against the rogues who come to me, because they did not come to me frankly before for being afraid of rogues.

From the last page - The Group will introduce a model for the common use of cultivated plant, and for our area we will introduce the growing of Sugarcane with other cultures. The area between these flower plots is used for two more full-time cultures. - A small extraction plant for the extraction of oils from citronella or other aromatic herbs, which can be used by the incense sticks factory (AGARBATTI).

  • Other members of the group or village are also being persecuted to launch other processors, such as DALIA (wheat flakes), rices, lenses or seasoning processors, etc. for further profits. With the help of PRADHAN MANTRI ROJGAR SRAJ YOJANA (PMRSY), a cotton industrial clusters for the production of joss stick or AGARBATTI is now being developped.
  • I am obtaining loans and help under the PMRSY and instead of mechanizing the production processes we will be training 50 women for handmade joss or AGARBATTI. - These chopsticks are gathered from these dispersed production sites in the villagers' homes and perfumed and packaged in our plant.

For almost two years we have been organising a YAGNA (fire worship) on POORNIMA or full moon day at our MA GAYATRI VIEDYA PEDH schools. There is hardly a single village inhabitant who enters this YAGNA, and it is carried out by schools and pupils.

Once we have started farming and the iron and steel making industries when we begin to earn, we intend to take possession of an ancient temples and belong to a immigrated familie of our occupation and will nominate a cleric there. GAYATRI PARIVAR or ARYA SAMAJA's SHANTI and YAGNA and SODAS SANSKARA (sixteen rites necessary for each HINDU) are performed by a qualified SHANTI KUJJA or ARYA SAMAJA for a small surcharge.

Parishioners are invited to attend the birthdays of their children in the shrine, and the preacher will be an essential part of the population. We will also begin a week-long folklore gathering and BHAJAN gathering and like Gujarat and Bengal we will begin to organize some open festivals like GANESH/SARASWATI PURJA and nine days of NAVRATRI festivals in the temples area.

Village teens are urged to found a sports association and organise sports activities on a regularly basis. There is a small ring and practice course that can be set up in the temples or anywhere else. The village is located in the middle of the 8-10 towns, and the pupils from these towns have been coming to our village college for 50 years to attend studies, so that there will be an opportunity for such activities in our village.

You can install a TV in the sanctuary to watch games and other important happenings for the team. 10th Continuation from the last page.... - These companies should be founded in public-private partnership modus and the authorities should set up a regulatory authority and set clear KPIs ("Known Performance Indicators") for these companies.

  • These companies should be run by agricultural college-levels as Chief Operating Officers, and the administration should establish a dedicated management team for these business leaders. Such chieftains could be financed by the state and, together with the businessman, become candidates for power on the executive committees of these companies with the members of the village of PRADHAN and the village of Nanchyat.
  • These companies should be supported in the establishment and administration of infrastructures by clearly setting prices for goods and provision of service compared to the service provided and by developing socially responsible asset values. - The state should raise 70% of spending in the guise of support (which should be progressively reduced and later withdrawn once some lucrative capital goods are generated by these companies) and companies should raise the residual 30% (no modification, even in the future) in the guise of tax from the village inhabitants.

You should also be permitted to levy some tax from the metallurgical industries running in a village. This company should also have a sales representative who collects tax and duties on consumables such as power or BIO GAS liquid manure as fertilizer and helps the village inhabitants to market agricultural products for a small kick.

  • These companies should be permitted to merge and take over, so that non-executing companies should be penalised and implementation should be recompensed by their growth. - The amount of state support for these enterprises should be divided with the village inhabitants by setting up WARNING signs in the village, as in NREGA work, so that the village inhabitants should know how much taxpayers' funds the state spends on these enterprises for the benefit of the people.

The NERAGA can be substituted by companies, as the local people only work in these organisations. Limitations such as co-operative and NGO formats should not be placed on these companies. Obligatory contributions to CSR activites such as village stamp or sport association can be made. CAG-audits should also be obligatory for this organisation until it receives state support.

Because they will be paying for some of the service, they are also expecting it to be delivered effectively and are making serious complaints in the event of serious non-compliance. Drastically reduce the theft of Governments' assets, as there are many shifts between the governments and the recipients, so that much of the system is squandered only on the provision of essential public utilities, but these actions will deliver the advantages directly to the recipients.

  • It will establish a genuine decentralised governance and promote it. - The amount already spent by the state could be invested in more than 150 thousand new businesses, which will result in many village employment being generated and how workers will have to provide reports every day and on schedule so that they will remain in communities, so that the village centre will also thrive and the opportunity to migrate back to the city.

It will further promote business activity and create employment for the region's poorest so that they will also benefit from these enhanced business activity. - It could open a door for a large number of individuals to join the civil services, which will also make it easier to clean up the policy, as socially inclined individuals can only take on this role and sustain their socio-political lives without badness.

The greatest advantage of this approach will be the establishment of a consumer-driven second most important global system, after the US in a surprisingly fast period of the year. Just think if this amount combined with extra cash in the hand of farmers, resulting from the gain of zero/low-cost agriculture and the gains of proprietors of millions of microindustries, will be available in the supermarket, then what kind of demands can be generate for the production and services sector.

  • Consumerism by these companies and private persons will go to small, medium-sized and large companies, which will lead to an upturn in the economies, which will be fuelled by internal consumerism and will be largely reliant on internal investment and technologies, more sustainable in the countryside, so that our large reservoir of manpower will be a blessing for us here, rather than a challenge in the strongly technology-dependent model of the global market, which demands huge amounts of investment and uncontrolled extraction of our own physical assets, in other words profit and strength, which are concentrated in the eyes of a few.

The model under discussion is a true societalism model. - It will affect the fertiliser, seed and pesticide industries, but this waste will be insignificant, compared to the advantages assumed from the alternative. This village high school built by our family (financed by my father) about 50 years ago is a state-funded facility that has been operating successfully for 50 years, although it is neither under my supervision nor am I willing to monitor it.

  • A two year old one-man business company named ?eva Hamesha, which runs our elementary class MA GAYATRI Vidija Peeeth, is with us. My two-year sojourn in my home village, where I have been studying the needs of the region and the local population, will ensure the project's continued progress.
  • Last but not least, my last twenty years of my societal existence, in which I have made contact with many individuals and organisations, and the necessity and sanctity of this project will ensure the project's succes. We have been perceived by the public and the regional press and the images below bear witness to this.
  • Founding of a producer group to found a jaggery and country sugar factory in the village. - Encourage some other producer groups or entrepreneurs to set up other processors, using the support of PMRSY, whose products we will be marketing through our on-line tool. - Process for the construction of four public toilets in every part of the village and their connection to the mega-bio-gas facility that we will be building.
  • It is preferable to have a Cyber-Caf√© and JAN SUVIDHA KENDRA in a square (if this project comes into being at the time) or in the rooms of our institute, MA GAYATRI VIEDYA PEEETH or in a refurbished square. The first quarter of January - April 2016 - Work begins on the construction of a mega-generator with BIO GAS and SOLAR Energy generating station for the production and supply of electric energy in the village.
  • This project is funded through start-up investments, state support, grants and loans from the proceeds from the sale of the power to the people. - During daytime power is provided for industrial use such as agricultural crops for watering, wheat production by threshers and industrial crops such as corn grinders or other metallurgical plants, etc. and at nights for household use, which is subsequently marketed on an hourly rate based on LEDs.

Household power is provided for six-hour periods at different times in summer and winters, taking into account the affordable price, as this is a big problem in the village and the vast majority of consumers use power only for lighting purposes. - A MEGA village (with the help of various village communities) to show the emigrated inhabitants of our village the restored village and to ask them to return to the village or to help us in our efforts.

It is also asked that visitors to the village at least once a year. We are planning to get in touch with this project reports from agents, public and private organisations, institutes and persons in order to obtain funds and help for the implementation of this project: - KHADI & Village Industries Commission (KVIC). Others who will come into our network in the near distant past and immigrated village inhabitants of Sikandarpurkhas will also be asked for help, encouragement and encouragement for this project.

Separate project reports for each project shall be drawn up at the moment of submitting the project to the competent authorities, indicating the financial data.

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