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Materials Guide: What is Modal's ethics?

Sometimes it can be discouraging to decode the credibility of a garment. The semisynthetic fiber Modal became famous in the era of active wear. The increasing daily demands for active breathing and absorptive materials mean that this option is used in the production of lingerie, pajamas, bathrobes, and more.

Even though many makes use Modal as a verdant option, the material may not be as durable as you think. So what do we mean by modal? Modalfiber is the name of a semi-synthetic viscose that was initially invented in Japan in 1951. One of the best-known manufacturers of Modal is the Lenzing AG of Austria, which sells its ModalĀ® series.

The Lenzing Modal Group is covered by a globally recognized system of certifications. The growing appeal of trendy active wear makes this supple and elastic material more in great demand than ever before. As a result, producers have produced various types of Modal to meet the demands. Which is Modal and how is it produced?

It has a soft, velvety feel and is about 50% more water-absorbent per cubic metre than wool. It has similar characteristics to other cellulosic fibers and is formulated to retain dyestuff absorption and color fastness when wash able in hot waters, making it a favourite option in the production of lingerie and active wear.

It is remarkable, with remarkable resistances to contraction and pilling, that Modal can be used alone or in a mixture of textiles. Disintegrate the fibers in fluid state and press them through small cavities to produce the fiber. It is then weaved into a modal weave.

What effect does Modal have on the milieu? For Lenzing Modal, Lenzing has developped a number of environmentally friendly methods that are not available to others on a commercial basis. This nontoxic technology has enabled Lenzing to recycle up to 95% of Modal's manufacturing material, minimizing emission and saving natural resource. Lenzing Modal's ecological base is favorable - it is climate-neutral, needs less soil per ton than fiber and uses ten to twenty times less moisture than fiber than cotton.

This is why many makes see Modal as an environmentally sound option. Why then did Modal receive a lower grade by the material specialists Made-By? Made by is a leader in the effects of fibers on sustainable development. Its much-noticed environmental benchmark for fibers evaluates the fibers according to their sustainable effect - grade A has the least adverse effects and grade C the most.

While the protected Lenzing Modal is cultivated on ecologically soundly cultivated Austrian and neighbouring EU member states, the origin of other Modal fibers is often less clear on the open air markets. Summer Edwards, comments on sustainability fashions, "Modal, made in Indonesia, is known to be made from planted wood cultivated in areas of the rain forest that have been clearly cut down to make room for monocultures".

Chinese made modal clothing is often made with indonese modal. The decisive point here is that Lenzing does not manufacture ready-made products. With traditional techniques involving high amounts of chemical and aqueous input, the damage to the environment caused by the interweaving of fibers into fabric can be considerable.

It' s important to consider both the fiber and the weave, cut and transport of fabrics when considering their durability. Make sure you opt for a brand with trasparent manufacturing practices to ensure that you make the best choices ethically. The NICO collection includes a wide selection of mixed and matching basic, swim wear and lingerie.

You use Lenzing Modal in a number of articles, part of which is knit and colored in Australia. Here you will find a large selection of pullovers, shirts and clothes from Lenzing Modal. You use Lenzing Modal in many of your garments, in combination with spandex and satin. In addition to GOTS-certified ecological pure organic wool and post-consumer virgin fibers, Stanley & Stella uses Lenzing Modal.

They have taken significant measures to mitigate their effects on the environment, among them the reduction of the consumption of drinking air and compliance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 for chemicals. Are your favorite fabrics durable? More pictures about Lenzing, NICO, Fair Tees and Ken The Label.

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