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in Mocuba:: Nativity of a large Mozambique based photovoltaic station

In March, a 40 megawatt photovoltaic station will be built in the Mocuba region of Zambia in a public-private equity capital expenditure agreement valued at $80 million. Mateus Magala, CEO of EDM, said during the "Energy Week" economic conference in Mozambique-Norway that the structure will be connected to a partner project between Scatec Solars, Norfund and Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM).

A Memorandum of Understanding was concluded last year during a visit to Mozambique by Mr Borge Brende, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Norway. It is the first major photovoltaic power scheme in Mozambique and is an important milestone towards the achievement of the domestic target of increased renewables use. Mr Magala said the Mocuba photovoltaic system was very important because it would set a new direction for the land to produce large amounts of sunlight.

"He said, "This operation will begin in March next year and last 10-month. Another structure is the Temane plant, which will produce 400 MW of electric energy from methane. This involves the building of a 700 km long pipeline between Temane in Inhambane and Maputo.

"We are at a very late state at the present time and we are hoping that by the end of the year we will be able to complete the funding and begin the implementation of the scheme next year, so that we will feed power into the network by 2021," said Magala.

Mr Magala said that these were part of a series of restructuring and transformation initiatives carried out by his group. Completion of Maputo, the biggest of them all, is on the horizon and is scheduled for August.

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