MOBAT had the honour to be one of the first toys of the A Real American Hero toy line. driver/pilot: STEEL (v1) MOBAT[ Motorized Battery Tank*] was first published in US toyshops in 1982. It contained the even rendition of the steeler drive. 1983 the puppets were re-equipped with a swing armed combat handle. MOBAT contained the Steeler swing-section and the text on the front of the speaker mirrored this one.

MOBAT was also divested in 1984 and closed in 1985. Also known as'Super Duty Battle Tank' and'Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank'. As part of the second range (1983), a pivoting boom model with the Motorized Battle Tank (MOBAT) was available. Steeler's swing boom was also available with the MOBAT in 1984.

The Steeler and MOBAT were hired in Germany in 1985. Sometime thereafter - between 1986 and 1990 - Steeler was available in Hasbro Direct pouches. The remainder of this figurine was packed with various accessoires and a new card and on the G.I.Joe Convention 1994 sell.

Discharged battery can destroy the motor operation of the MOBAT. The MOBAT running surface is available in two versions. MOBAT' previous versions had strong fuel levels, while the later versions had grooves in the running surface to support the alignment of the running surface. In the following information you will find information about various collector's manuals, Hasbro referencies, selling price and other MOBAT related materials.

Gi-Joe Mobat: Army & Adventure

Mobat in great condition with unchanged pistol tip, tried and true, but engine doesn't work. Mobat tank with genuine parts and in great form next to a tear in the tip of the pistol, but it remains thin and is not seen when placed. ted but engine didn't work. Comes with all the necessary equipment.

Unfinished, but otherwise beautiful used form. I JOE M.O.B.A.T. 1982. And I opened it and I ran the test on the fuel gauge. Overalls in good conditon, 100% completely, nothing fractured.

Rechargeable or rechargeable cells not supplied. The GIJoe "Mobat and Maschine Defense " Plot with "Steeler" Up Next is a 1980 GIJoe "Mobat" Thing. These lots contain a 1983 GIJoe "Mobat" in good, completely unchecked condition. The game also contains a 1983 "Steeler" in good condition. MOBAT tank from 1982. It' not tested and the batterycover and the machine guncover are not there.

It is a beautiful, fully functional, self-powered fuel cell - an old model type HD SXT25507 with its genuine sticker. It has been tried and works with rechargeable cells. Two ( (2) D-batteries are not supplied with the fuel cell. G.I. Joe Mobat Vintage Tank...Hasbro 1982..Missing cover..... Good state, just a little bit dirty. It' all there and Steeler has a brandnew O-ring.

I' ve been testing it with battery and both traces work perfect! Genuine 1982 Hasbro GI Joe Toy. Full and ready to use. The Collector Edition Mobat Tank is from my own collector kit I bought some years ago. The article is in perfect conditions and is only used for exhibition. Never before have there been any installation of.....

I' ve put the battery in the car, but the fuel pump is without it. Repetition: No battery packs in it. Fuel is in good shape. Born 1982 GI Joe MOBAT - Full - Works!!!!! A 1982 MOBAT is for sell. This article is finished!

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