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Visit Mingalabar - Be our guest on MNA. Enjoy traditional Myanmar hospitality at its best, see the sights of our beautiful country and get to know the people. The Myanmar National Airlines or MNA (UB/UBA) is a state-owned airline and the national airline of Myanmar. The Myanmar National Airlines is the national airline of Myanmar and has the largest route network in the country. MNA is Myanmar's national airline and has the largest route network in the country.

Experiencing MNA

Whenever you are in Myanmar, they will wish you Mingalabar. MNA' s services embody the heat and gentleness of our staff, who welcome everyone from all over the globe to our lovely state. No matter whether you fly for work or for leisure, you can be sure that we have made our air travel processes as efficient as possible.

There are more destinations in Myanmar than anyone else with the biggest and most advanced airlines in our state. We' ve put our money into our products, services and staff to provide you with a world-class dining environment spiced with Myanmar's tradition of welcoming and charming cuisine. The Customer Services team in Yangon & Singapore is just a call away.

From our low-cost saver rates to our ultra-light flexi rates to meet your needs, or even move up to our fully customisable premium economy and business class. With our committed team of airports, you can quickly and easily check-in and operate your flight.

Myanmar has more locations than any other carrier. We have 26 points of interest and comfortable timetables to bring the whole of Myanmar within your range at the click of a button. Come aboard our aircraft to be welcomed by our friendly and enchanting staff, who show Myanmar's cordiality and friendliness at its best.

We would like to hear from you as a dear visitor and friends of Myanmar, so that we can further enhance our services. The 737-800 International Commercial Jet, on our brandnew 737-800s, provides you with an Executive Jet adventure at a competitive price. Our committed staff in the cabins will provide you with an excellent dinner with a selection of Myanmar or Asia cuisine, supplemented by select wine, beer and soak.

In Yangon your free Mingalabar Priority Check-In and Boarding services, Fast Track Immigration & Security, Mingalabar Lounges and you can even hire a limousine to and from Yangon City. Premium Economy Business Class flight experience gives you a taste of international luxurious travel on our 737-800 or Myanmar's international flights with our Embraer 190'Whisper Jets'.

The Premium Industry provides much more convenience and a stress-free journey, from prioritized check-in and Boarding to 36 inch leg room on the boat and free cuisine. Switch to Business Class and use our free Mingalabar service to get a one-of-a-kind adventure both in Yangon and on the boat. When value for your investment is your top concern, travel with us on our new 737-800' with Savers and flixeble rates, convenient seating, free dining and drinking and jet-streamed to your notebook, desk or other device.

In addition, the airstreamUB can be accessed by occupants in luxurious office seating. They know what it's like when you get to the airfield and just want to be on your way or get home as soon as possible. That' s why we want to make your stay at Yangon International as comfortable as possible with our exclusive Mingalabar service, so that you can take care of the paperwork on your arrivals, departures and connections with MNA.

When you connect to MNA, you are enjoying the same great services and we will also ensure that your hold luggage is effectively moved to your next MNA trip. Upon your arrival in Yangon, we will pick you up from your limousine or terminal and offer you our prioritized check-in services, followed by the acceleration of your departures, immigration and security.

Mingalabar' s one-of-a-kind free of charge business class travel on all our scheduled and scheduled services. Traveling to and from Yangon Airport has never been so easy, just hire our Mingalabar Limo Services and end your transportation hassles. We' ll meet you in front of the arrival hall at Yangon Airport and take you to your Yangon City airport or any other city.

We will arrange a pick-up from your Yangon base with you on your return journey, taking into consideration your travel situation and your needs. Mingalabar' s one-of-a-kind Limo Bar is a free of charge business class travel on all our scheduled and scheduled services.

We at MNA know you want to make your trip as seamless as possible, so we have a team of local residents on the ground and in the skies to provide you with the best in Myanmar in terms of welcome and services. We have our major tourist centres in Yangon and Singapore. You can come to Yangon to make or modify a reservation, receive a tour guide or simply marvel at the splendour of our colonial-era house constructed in 1868.

Yangon Customer Service Center is also on site to handle your phone and e-mail communications. Recently, our customer service and airport staff have been training in our new booking and ticket system, which allows us to make your reservations easy and effective. The flight and cabin crew have been carefully instructed to ensure the highest level of safe and traditionally Myanmar style accommodation and serenity.

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