Mna Airline Promotion

The Mna Airline Promotion

MNA flies to many destinations, including: Support for Malaysia as Asia's aerospace hub. Well I never thought I'd see the day the national airline Myanma Airways starts booking online. Locate and share flight coupon codes and promo codes for great discounts at thousands of online stores. The Amadeus deal extends Myanmar National Airlines' reach.

Burma National Airlines to Boost Flights from Singapore to Yangon in December 2016

There will be more air services from Singapore to Yangon in Myanmar via Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) from 1 December 2016. There are currently daily departures from Yangon to Singapore at 7:30 am and from Singapore to Yangon at 1:15 pm. In addition, Singaporeans who travel to Myanmar for a brief period no longer need to obtain a visas.

Through this new package, Myanmar is encouraging more Singaporeans to explore their land and all 27 citys. They are able to travel to and from Yangon through Myanmar National Airlines on their Boeing 737-800 and offer Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class cabins. With Myanmar National Airlines, you can browse and track all your travel with their travel software, which you can find in the Myanmar National Airlines iPhone and Android stores.

Burma National Airlines Reviews and Listings

It was MNA Air Lines. Beautiful scenic trip from Yangon to Thadwe, Ngapali Beach. Cabin crews were a pleasant laugh, Myanmar, always part of Swiss Mile. The third times I saw the MNA start to decrease in services, which does not contradict the fact that all my airline services over the last 24 month were quite eventless and depart and arrive on schedule.

The airline has to raise two different level of services standards: The first one is easily accessible, i.e. the choice of..... We were flying a Boeing 737, a rather new one. It was good but the meal was nothing to be written about at home.

and we took them from Yangon to Thandwe and it was great. At the check-in of Le Wit Yee, the services we got were first-rate. Succeeded to get 12C Egress Lounge from RGN to MDL, the plane was a little...... cristoph.... And I found the airfare and services as good as any other airfare I've ever had.

but we still got beverages and a quick one. The stewardesses were so nicely attired. Although the trip lasted only one hr, a food and drink delivery was offered. Burma National Airlines has just altered the timetable of our trip without explanations or reasons.

Our Yangon call was almost overdue because our MNA mission from Heho was over two hour overdue. From Colombo we took take off for Yangon (transit through Bangkok) via Skyscanner, which took us to Tripsta. It took about 1 1/2 to 2 hour for the train to pass through, which seemed fine.

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