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The MNA is rapidly expanding its flight operations to international routes. Burma National Airlines, MNA, UBA, UB. ahan Air; Reg: EP-MNA full info | EP-MNA photos; airplanes: In my last post, I covered the process of booking domestic tickets within Myamnar.

Cheap air tickets from Chiang Mai (CNX) to Melanguane (MNA).

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Hello, has anyone flown with this airline before? We' re planing a plane from Heho to Kengtung and it seems they're pretty inexpensive. Would it be a good option to make the booking and payment on-line or is it better if we arrived in Yangon? We' re on that plane at the end of July.

In July you will have no problems to book your ticket at very early times, which will be made by an agents once there or maybe in your guest house. Ever since the airline has been "reformed", they have a public flight plan to which they adhere. They should be able to review their complete timetable on-line during the design stage.

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The Myanmar National Airlines is continuing its aggressive global growth with Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

The Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) plans to expand its new global airline distribution system to Hong Kong and Taipei by the end of 2015. A number of targets on the Chinese continent are scheduled for 2016, as the new state-owned airline is expanding its new 737-800 fleets to four of them. The MNA began a new era on August 17, 2015 with the return of operations after a 22-year break.

The MNA currently operates to Singapore and 26 national locations throughout Myanmar. The MNA will face a number of challenging situations in all its new global marketplaces, as well as tough global airline competitors with strong global brand names. However, MNA is optimistic to occupy a market by utilizing its dominant local market and a new sales agreement with Abacus.

On August 17, 2015, MNA started Singapore with a new 737-800 in a three-class layout (Business, Premier Economics and Economy). Known as Myanma Airways until the end of 2014, MNA currently operates six a week on Singapore and will be adding a 7th flight in October 2015. Since 1993, MNA has been exclusively a German aircraft operating company, but since the obligation to rent 10,737 GECAS aircraft at the beginning of 2014, it has been getting ready for service internationally.

First 737-800 was shipped in June-2014 and used the first two month for some internal flight from Yangon to Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw, the only three Myanmar airport planned for internat. CAPA said at the Singapore kick-off meeting that Hong Kong and Taipei will be the airline's next global targets, with flight operations scheduled to begin in early December 2015.

The second 737-800, scheduled for delivery in October 2015, will be used to provide assistance on the new Yangon-Hong Kong and Yangon-Taipei lines. Singapor was not included in the original schedule and came to the fore after a visit by Singapore official to Singapore in June 2015. Singapore, however, was a relatively simple way to launch the carrier's first overseas routing, as slot and airspace permissions could be quickly obtained.

Myanmar and Singapore have maintained strong relationships for several years, which provide a platform for MNA's rapid entry into the Singapore air transport markets. The completion of MNA's first set of round-trip services will simplify permits from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The MNA has been speaking with Hong Kong and Taiwan government agencies for several month.

Hongkong was once intended to be the MNA's first truly global road, but the safeguarding of Hong Kong's road safety and slot safety is a longer and lengthy procedure than Singapore. Yangon Hong Kong is a less developed country than Yangon-Singapore, as non-stop services from Yangon to Hong Kong were not launched until early 2013 by Cathay Pacific affiliate Dragonair.

Hong Kong-based airline Yangon operated four week-long A321s, increasing services to four a day in September 2014. Dragonair transported 63,000 people to and from Yangon on 484 routes in 2014, according to Myanmar DCA. MNA Hong Kong permit could come with more airfares and better slot in Yangon for Dragonair.

This Hong Kong airline currently has a very delayed flight to Yangon and a flight to the north. China could potentially be able to provide more Yangon capacities as it is relatively undersupplied in comparison to other large Asia turnstiles. This is currently the 8th biggest Yangon airport in the world in terms of seating capacities.

However, MNA could face a challenge against Dragonair, as Dragonair has the advantage of providing links beyond Hong Kong via the Dragonair and Cathay Pacific nets. Hongkong is mainly a unifying and in-depth marketing from Yangon. However, the MNA trademark is not known in Hong Kong and MNA still has no codeshare or interline with otherlines.

In 2014, about 70,000 people travelled to and from Myanmar with an avarage capacity utilization of 74%. There are currently five 737-800 weekly services to Yangon, but it will return to its regular seasonal timetable in early October-2015. His incapacity to continue a year-round day-to-day air transport operation may indicate that the Myanmar-Taiwan region is not large enough to provide assistance to a second airline.

However, EVA quickly realized that the size of the local air transport markets was insufficient and discontinued flights to Yangon after only seven month. The EVA has no plan to return to Myanmar in the short to midterm as the local air transport markets are not yet sufficiently developed to serve several Thai airlines. Yangon was also unable to get EVA to work on links beyond Taipei.

The links to Japan and the USA, the third and forth biggest tourist sources in Myanmar, make up a large part of the passenger traffic from Yangon to Taipei and Hong Kong. Whilst the Myanmar-Taiwan domestic retail trade has been growing since EVA withdrew two years ago, it is still relatively small.

In 2014, Myanmar had only 33,000 transatlantic visits. Hongkong is an even smaller capital city for Myanmar, while Singapore is only slightly bigger. In 2014 Singapore represented about 4% of the entire number of Myanmar tourists, as opposed to 3% for Taiwan. Singapore is a much bigger outsourced supermarket than Taiwan or Hong Kong with 113,000 Myanmar visits in 2014.

However, there is more than ten fold more space between Myanmar and Singapore than in Taiwan and almost seven fold more than in Hong Kong. After neighboring Thailand, China is the second biggest export destination for Myanmar's fast-growing tourist area. While there are possibilities for more capacities in China, MNA could face up to the challenge of competing airlines in China.

It is the only airline currently offering non-stop services between Yangon and Beijing. The MNA could possibly start services to alternative China targets that are not yet non-stop approached from Yangon. China's three largest airlines have close ties with China's operatives and have the benefit of using their bases to provide services throughout China.

The MNA will have to concentrate on a few small towns in China, even if it makes its third and forth airplane completely available to the China mare. Partnering with a local airline would facilitate the opening up of the local markets. The MNA is striving to establish several airline alliances as it develops.

MNA' s aim for MNA' s initial certifications after several month of global activity is to facilitate the pursuit of alliances. Based exclusively on the use of out-of-home connections with Myanmar's top agencies. The expatriates even had to buy MNA seats for home purchase abroad through Myanmar's agent network.

The new MNA worldwide ticketing system allows agencies around the globe to see all rates and purchase seats in all three categories. Perhaps more importantly, however, the Abacus agreement opens MNA's internal services to a worldwide sales force for the first a year. The merger with Abacus MNA could give the company an edge over our regional rivals in the home-marketplace.

The MNA is the biggest national airline in Myanmar, but is in competition with several airlines on major tourism itineraries such as Yangon to Bagan, Heho and Mandalay. More than 90% of Myanmar's tourists arrive with airlines from abroad, but they have to reach the various attractions with local airlines. The MNA also hopes to gain a competitive edge from its national services on its cross-border services.

With no code-shares or cross-lines with any of Myanmar's 10 national airlines, MNA will be the only airline to offer a one-way flight from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei to alternative destinations throughout Myanmar. The MNA is already supporting its inland links on the Singapore marke. MNA' s local jet service currently operates in the Yangon Mandalay area.

So far, the 737-800 has only been used ad hoc to Mandalay to assist the pilots' education before take-off in Singapore. Increasing some Mandalay services to 737-800 on a permanent base would be hard to rely on people only. However, using the 737-800 on Mandalay routes to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and other new global locations may be attractive, as it offers Mandalay a comfortable one-stop solution and allows MNA to increase the utilization of its new 737-800s.

The MNA has changed over the last year as the airline has increased its operational standard, improved its products, changed its brand, launched a new reservations system and a new website and started to renew its aircraft population. The MNA will still use ATR 72 and E190 on most of the national lines. Two Beechcraft 1900 and two Cessna caravans are currently operated by the airline with two more caravans ordered.

The MNA uses these planes to fly to small local airports, which are usually not operated by any of Myanmar's privately-owned airlines or which do not draw people in. ATR 72-600s will enhance MNA's competitive edge in the country as several Myanmar-based airlines have already upgraded their ATR flots.

737-800 is undergoing a significant transformation as Myanmar's airlines are not using new jets. The introduction of new 737 and the launch of multi-national missions is a great achievement given the obsolete airline statute of the MNA and the former Myanmar Paria state. However, the greatest challenge still lies ahead, as MNA is trying to become a competitor in the fiercely contested global marketplace.

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