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Myanmar Times | The thanakas effect

3XVIVR, a regional firm of digital realities, was challenging itself to "make culture conservation a pleasure," they thought no one would take their game. Headquartered in Yangon, the February launch of its Facebook enhanced face-to-face effect, which allows audiences to put the classic cosmetics compound on their faces with a single tap of the mobile dash.

In a few short time after its publication, more than 10,000 individuals from all over the globe had adopted the Tanaka effect on themselves. Nyi Lynn Seck, 3XVIVR Foundress and CEO, said not only to keep people's palms clear, but also to keep Myanmar's civilization among the technically accomplished young population.

In Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore, the Tanaka effect is the most common among people. The user can select from a number of ways to add the thinaka, among them circuits, rectangles, flowers and the favorite of this journalist: the sheet. In spite of the amount of hard work and production efforts invested in the production of the Tanaka effect and its resounding popularity, 3XVIVR has not made any profit from the game.

Free on-line exposition is likely to delight thiraka manufacturers like Shwe Bo, who have said that young adults in Myanmar's major towns do not use the drug in almost the same amount as their mothers. The 3XVIVR also works with Facebook to bring four AR add-ons to market that allow the user to carry the Myanmar odds or ba luuum.

Myanmar's practically non-existent IP legislation means that creators must have their work registered in Thailand or Singapore if they want greater coverage.

Myanmar Times (

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