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Nom de la compagnie aérienne MMA ; statut non lancé. Status check for MMA flights. McCarthy Airlines MacRobertson-Miller Airline Services. MMA's beginnings go back to the efforts of Horrie Miller, who started his aviation business in South Australia.

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AIRLINE & WELFARE. The MMA Group of Companies, led by Mr. Malik Noureed Awan, also known as MNA, is proud to be one of the premier groups in the UAE, Pakistan and the United States. Established in 1990 with the goal of offering its customers the best from the industry, the trip of the MMA series was unique.

The MMA Group is active in four key areas, including financial services, airlines management, heavy equipment and media services. The MMA Group operates in more than 10+ markets around the globe and invests over $15 million annually in advertising alone. The MMA Group is a believer in giving something back to the community and has participated in various charitable activities around the year.

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In 1919 Captain Horatio (later Horace) Clive Miller H.C. Miller bought Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 G-AUCF from Great Britain, and he and his associate Arthur A. Kennedy, also an ex-WWI aviator, founded the Commercial Aviation Company in Rochester, Vic.

In 1919 Captain Horatio (later Horace) Clive Miller H.C. Miller bought Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 G-AUCF from Great Britain, and he and his associate Arthur A. Kennedy, also an ex-WWI aviator, founded the Commercial Aviation Company in Rochester, Vic. Commercial Aviation Company was founded on October 8, 1920. Horrie Miller began working with the civil air traffic controller on 8 July 1921 on his suggestion to run a subsidized airboat flight services of Adelaide-Eyre Peninsula, SA.

After a 6-month waiting period Horrie Miller ordered an Airco D.H.9 from England, but took a part-time flight in Brisbane. Commercial Aviation Company was founded in South Australia in 1923. The Airco D.H.9 G-AUEU was in operation between July 1926 and February 16, 1928, when it was destroyed in a storm in Port Pirie.

In 1927 the Commercial Aviation Company started the Adelaide-Mt. Gambier Airco D.H.9 G-AUHT service every week. In search of a bigger plane, Horrie Miller approaches his old pal MacPherson Robertson, the creator of Mac. Robertson's Company, manufacturer of the then famous'Old Gold' candy, is looking for 5000 to buy an 8-person D.H.61 Giant Moth cab, which Miller had found perfect for his plan.

The MacRobertson quickly approved on the condition that the agreement is a alliance and the new plane is named "Old Gold". At the end of 1927, MacRobertson-Miller Aviation Co Pty. Ltd. was established by Horrie C. Miller & MacPherson Robertson. MMA, first located in Albert Park, South Australia, started operation at the end of 1927.

Acquired on 28 May, MacRobertson-Miller Aviation Company Ltd. with an opening capital of £50,000. It was Horrie Miller who first landed at Parafield. Later, in 1931, the company was closed down because of the depression. In 1933, operation was resumed after a postal agreement was signed between Adelaide & Whyalla, Kimba & Cowell with a grant of 6d per mill.

In early October 1934, MacRobertson-Miller Aviation relocated its principal headquarters to Perth, W.A. after receiving the order from the Commonwealth Government for northwest service previously run by West Australia Airways (MMA offered a rate of 1 sSD per nautical miles for the airmail payout, around 1s11D from W.A.A.). The pilots Bert Hussey & George McCausland became W.A. & Horrie Miller and joined Perth & Cyril Kleinig as managers of the southern Australia companies, which were managed until their handover to Guinea Airways in April 1939.

In 1938, the firm commissioned the former QANTAS 10-person D.H.86As, VH-USC & VH-USD, mainly to meet the increasing demand for North-West facilities. In July, MMA expanded its Wyndham to Darwin with D.H.86s to connect with the Australian-British Flight Boat Shop. In April, MacRobertson-Miller Aviation transferred its Southern Australia flights to Guinea Airways following a decision by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

August 19, MacRobertson-Miller Aviation Co. Ltd. & Airlines (W. A.) Ltd. were renamed Mac. The Robertson Miller Airlines Ltd. MacRobertson Miller Airlines Ltd. started operating on October 1 and bundled the activities of Mac. The Robertson Miller Aviation Co. Ltd. & Airlines (W. A.) Ltd. The 62% stake in MMA and approximately 8% in MMA held by Horrie Miller through Miller Investments Pty.

The Robertson Miller Airlines, who urgently needed funding for new F.27 planes (& proposed new jets), turned to them to acquire a larger stake. MacRobertson Miller Airlines Ltd. was re-named Mac on June 1, 1963. Since then Robertson Miller Airline Services & became a business unit of Ansett Transport Industries (Operations) Pty.

MacRobertson Miller Airline Services was re-named Airlines of Western Australia on July 1, 1981 and was Australia's oldest continuously operated national airline. Western Australia was re-named Ansett W.A. on 26 November 1984 and Ansett W.A. was incorporated into Ansett Australia on 1 July 1993. 1984-93 Ansett W.A. Please get in touch with me if you know more about this airline.

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