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The Mizzima News accused the Islamic state for the assaults against the militar..... One Myanmar paper has pointed to a connection between Pakistan and the ISIS group for the recent Rakhine state violent incident that led to a renewed flow of Rohingya migrants to Bangla..... Burma has relaxed many ties to its medias since the 2012 abandonment of Burma's armed forces in 2012.

However, there are still certain limitations for local reporters. Well, we're starting this year," Thein said, according to Mizzima, a news gateway from Myanmar in India. YANGON, Myanmar - When Mizzima relocated its head office from India to Yangon last year, observers saw it as a signal that Myanmar's policy reforms were being made.

Since more than a decad the Mediengruppe..... In recent months, several of the controversial Myanmar journalists have interviewed Burma's opposing mass media members in the country's political arena, such as the Burma Short Wave Broadcasting Corporation, the D DR, which is headquartered in Norway, and Miz.... Its best-known is Mizzima Medias, who reported on Indian Burma issues until the Indian authorities recalled her in 2012.

Now located in Yangon, Mizzima is producing online..... Otherwise, President Barack Obama has normalised trading with Myanmar, but has enacted an order to keep the prohibition of jewels and it, in the hope of creating a financing resource for the.....

In May Mizzima aims for publication: Spokesperson

Mizzima, a New Delhi-based press organization, is planning to release a paper in early May, a spokesman for the Myanmar Times said last weekend. "We have already requested a license to edit a weeklies in Myanmar. The[ application] is not yet accepted, but we expect the publication after the Wasserfest or early May.

We' said U Sein Win, the editor-in-chief and head of Mizzima' s productions, on 20 March at the two-day conference on media development in Myanmar. Said the magazine has a wider coverage in Myanmar and would also include local news.

"Our week magazine in Myanmar will go in the same direction as the already published magazines. We' ll concentrate on general news, headlines, and hopefully we'll be able to provide more coverage than on our latest website. "If we can release a high-profile news magazine, I expect we can outlive in this market," he said, and added that it would recruit more people for the new company.

As Mizzima seems to be on the brink of returning to Myanmar, other exiled officials say they are anticipating a longer waiting period before publishing in Myanmar. "We' ve chosen to request a permit to establish an agency and publication in Yangon, but I think it will take us some patience.... although the Ministry of Information has been encouraging us to apply," said U Win Thu, head of the Irrawaddy Publishing Group in Chiang Mai.

"We need....to set up a subsidiary in Yangon to launch a publishing or on-line journal within the state and we may need support from grassroots groups to accelerate the process," he said. The Democratic Voice of Burma, Oslo-based U ?aw Naing Oo, said his organization also sought approval for release in Myanmar.

"Following the recent appointment of Aye Chan Naing, Editor-in-Chief of DVB, at the beginning of this months, we applied to the Ministry of Information for approval to establish an agency in Yangon," said U Tsaw Naing Oo. The Yangon Times and Flower News editors U Ko Ko Ko said he welcomes the exiled media's comeback and would "offer a hand" if they needed it.

The exiled mass media are creating more competitiveness, he said, but that is good in a democratic society with an open marketing approach. The Myanmar Times, U Ye Htut, general manager of the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Information Department, said the Myanmar Times that the Department would allow the exiled mass media to be published within Myanmar if they complied with the Act.

"We consider them to be Myanmara' s overseas press organizations. So, if they want to get into Myanmar, we will allow them to do their businesses according to the regulations and guidelines of the ministry," he said.

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