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U.S. forces, British divers join the search for missing boys in the Thai cave. Mizzima Today News the latest and updated Mizzima Today News in English from Myanmar Region Asia: Asia. Mizzima News Archived Web Site.

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Myanmar's Germany embassador Dorothee Janetzke-Wenzel described the Rakhine state as "extremely serious and profoundly disturbing" one of the days after the US threatens to impose penalties on the US for overcoming the crises. "Rakhine State's humanitary and people' s right is a very serious and profoundly disturbing situation," she said during a lecture on Germany's external relations organized on Wednesday by the Myanmar Institute for Strategic & International Studies (MISISIS).

Myanmar's military was publicly criticized on Saturday after nominating a pensioned general who was still banned by the United States..... The Aung San Suu Kyi faction today appointed its closest associate, U Htin Kyaw, as Myanmar's next prime minister..... In Cambodia, two more French prisoners who were relocated from an Aussie prison camps have gone home, the administration said on Tuesday.....

Ayeyarwady region head of department Soe Than Rural Development Department said Mizzima that they had a blueprint to deliver fresh drinking waters..... Wint Wah Tun, Myanmar's MP, weighs the child she called "parliament" and declares why she has adopted a rather prudent attitude..... Domestic and civil society organisations have called on the new NLD administration to support the Dawei Special Economic.....

Myanmar's House of Representatives will meet on Thursday to propose the election of a candidate for president about four month after Aung San Suu Kyi.......

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