Mizzima News in English

The Mizzima News in English

Tunintharyi official accused of selling the refugees' land. Together with Mizzima, it is one of only two English language weekly newspapers in Myanmar. Mizzima News reports that the BBC's Burmese service is now available on Mizzima TV's newly launched free-on-air channel. She rescued eight from the Thai cave, but five remain trapped. Mizzima News is a multimedia news organization in Myanmar.

2016 Jakarta World Forum for Media Development

She is the founder and CEO of the Mizzima Group. SoƩ Myint was in custody for 24 years while the state was under army rule. The Mizzima was the first medium of emigration to return to Myanmar in January 2012, after the state had opened itself up to change.

Miszima Mediacompany. Ltd. is producing Myanmar's newspapers, a Mizzima Weekly in English (print), TV shows about economy, sport, youth, womens, farmers and travelogues as well as web sites in Myanmar (www.mizzimaburmese.com) and English (www.mizzima.com). In addition, Mizzima multimedia devices such as SMS, Radio and Video News are also available on various different mobile devices such as Android and Iphones.

We at Mizzima are also proud of our proactive collaboration with other domestic and global players in the Myanmar press reforms underway. She is a frequent contributor and a frequent visitor to Myanmar's domestic and foreign press fora. Mr. Soe Myint is Chairman of the Board of the Myanmar Journals Association (MJI), a premier Myanmar-based non-governmental organization.

Is Mizzima pulling the strings of the newspaper when bailouts occur?

av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024292", "InPage_1512024292"]); var _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm. push (["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024269", "InPage_1512024269"]); Mizzima Media Group will stop publishing its Myanmar newspaper, which will turn into an on-line newspaper, she said last weeks announcement. This has led to the dismissal of several dozen employees, and two indicators have also been separated from the report.

She will also be publishing her English speaking news magazine on a regular basis. Member of the Executive Committee U Sonny Swe announces his resignation and says that the day-to-day operations have not been able to competitively finance its rivals in the overcrowding. "My attendance ends on February 15," he said, and added that leadership skills were also a reason for his farewell.

Typhoon US Theim Wai, also known as Serge Pun, also ended his participation in the newspaper. Since 2013, his firm, Serge Pun & Associates, has spent several million US Dollar on the group. According to reports, both Sonny Swe and Theim Wai have returned their stakes in Mizzima to Mizzima. The woman has now become a member of the company's manager.

"U "U Theim Wai has been very helpful[but] neither he nor Ko Sonny will be with us as we evolve," said U Soe Myint. Mizzima was established in New Delhi in 1998 and will return to Myanmar in 2012 to benefit from the government's liberalization of the mass newsmedia. Originally issued as a weeklong newspaper, it became a newspaper in 2013 after the German authorities approved the first ever circulation of personal dailies in fivety years.

At the moment about 10 copies are still published, the last edition of Mizzima will be circulated on February 28th.

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