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The Mizzima News (Burmese: ?????

??????) is a Burmese multimedia news organization. The Mizzima Daily Newspaper is now available in Android!!!!! BBC News' Burmese television program will now be available on Myanmar's newly launched free-to-air digital channel, Mizzima TV. Mizzima News humanitarian content. The INGOs support disaster preparedness in Myanmar.

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av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1426643614", "InPage", "1477549217", "InPage_1477549217"]); Mizzima, deriving from the Pali term for medium or mediocre and elected because of its bias towards an impartial and impartial independant press, was founded in 1998 in New Delhi, India, by three vets of the 1988 pro-democratic outrage. Mizzima' s mission since its inception has been to deliver top-notch news about Myanmar that contributes to the free exchange of opinion and information in the general interest.

Mizzima until recently worked as an exiled press organisation with a contact point in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which complements the organisation's head offices in India. All of this, however, was changing in early 2012 and in the course of Myanmar's internal political reform. Miszima Mediacompany. Ltd. is a incorporated in Myanmar. Mizzima is a global leader in the production of a local newspapers in Myanmar, a monthly economic journal (www.mzineplus.com), TV and sport programmes broadcast by Myanma Radio & TV (MRTV) and web sites in Myanmar (www.mizzimaburmese.com) and at www.mizzima.com (English).

In addition, Mizzima multimedia is also available on various android and iPhones plattforms. He is also proud of his proactive collaboration with other domestic and global players in the Myanmar press reforms underway. Mizzima' headquarters in Yangon is situated at Mizzima Multimedia Co, Ltd. Rooms 001, 003, 101 and 103, Lakekan Condo Tower, Upper Pazundaung Road, Ward 7, Pazundaung Township, Yangon, MYANMAR.

It' s no overstatement to say that every single working days and every single workingweek thousands - not to mention a varied global public in Mizzima' s home base - turn to Mizzima for the latest information and analyses of what is happening in Myanmar. Mr. Mizzima says that only with the certainty of a free and lively Myanmar audio-visual landscape can the country's full economic and social resources be used.

Mizzima is proud of his heritage as a founder member of Myanmar's free press and looks forward to grow and prosper with the state.

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