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Yangon Dulwich College, a state-of-the-art, autonomous UK college, has approved a $8 million acquisition in the sports complexes of..... Myanmar's Yangon local authority has set up a new company to develop a road map for the extension of the Yangon region's finance..... Franco-Myanmar recently took part in the first full genomic survey of old South East Asiatic man-made gene.

Burma has received a $10 million World Bank grant to build the National Water Resources head office in... Following the tenth jubilee of Cyclone Nargis - an unparalleled tragedy that revealed Myanmar's total shortage of emergency response..... On Monday, Israel and Myanmar ratified a co-operation treaty in the educational sector, Haaretz reports.

For the first year, Myanmar has fulfilled all three criterions to achieve the Least Country (LDC) rank..... Burma has designed new city planning for the Yangon area, which invites domestic and international business to participate in the Yangon Municipality Investment Project....

European Union (EU) will provide Myanmar with a subsidy of 221 million Euro (294 million US dollars) to support educational development.........

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Today, the fourth International Day of Yogic is celebrated in Yangon with a yogic rally at the Thuwunna National Indoor Stadium. Myanmar's ICS is sponsoring a unique women's trip through Myanmar in December this year, reports the TTR Weekly website on 13 June. China-ASEAN Music Woche started this weekend in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southwestern China.

United defeated Myanmar's side 2-0 on Friday and closed the match on a solid footing after a disputed trip to South East Asia..... United were embarrassed 2-1 defeats on Wednesday in the first game of a Myanmar trip, which sparked a heated debate over whether..... China Tibetan Culture Picture Exhibit 2017 began on Sunday afternoons at the Myanmars Shwedagon Pagoda.

Elephant riders and sharpened costumed ponies, thick eyeliners and painted limbs, young men in mid-Myanmar roam their villages..... Laser cutting across the ocean of rappers who get into rhythm at the'808 Festival Yangon' when Asia's $1 billion EDM cash machines career begins in Myanmar,.........

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