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Miszima English

Yangon Mizzima Business Weekly Magazine. Mizzima is a media company that has returned from exile. Myizzima focuses on relations between India and Burma, events etc. Aung San Suu Kyi takes center stage when parliament returns Mizzima. Communication skills in English and Myanmar required.

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The Mizzima Media Group | Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF)

Mizzima' goal is to deliver top-notch, top-notch breaking press releases on a wide range of Myanmar-related issues with tough messages, feature articles, investigation fiction, etc. that are tailored to the needs of Myanmar's diverse audience, both local and national. Mizzima promotes the free movement of opinions, opinions and information in the general interest through good-natured, high-quality newscasts.

The Mizzima was the first medium of emigration to return to Myanmar in January 2012, after the state had opened itself up to change. Miszima Mediacompany. Ltd. is a Myanmar-based producer of international newspapers, a Mizzima Weekly in English, TV programmes on economics, sport, youth, farming, travel, womens and leisure, and web sites in Myanmar (www.mizzimaburmese.com) and English (www.mizzima.com).

In addition, Mizzima multimedia such as SMS, radio news, video news and images are also available on various multimedia and cell phone sites in Myanmar. We at Mizzima are also proud of our proactive collaboration with other domestic and global players in the Myanmar press reforms underway.

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