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Pazungtaung Epistle | Mizzima

But Mizzima is very active at the time. From the establishment of our new offices to the launch of the country's first ever online paper..... Since I last texted you, my dear fellow, student, worker and other group protest continues to be a part of Myanmar's world. My dear fellow, I am writing to you today from Mizzima's new headquarter at Pazungtaung Street in Yangon.

This is an exiting period for Mizzima, but not only because of our new site. Today we are also celebrating the move of our Daily News in Myanmar from a printed copy to a fully featured electronic medium, as we see ourselves as pioneers of a new era of Myanmar's medium.

Burmese journalist on charges of publishing satiric story in court

One of Myanmar's best papers is brought to justice for slandering the armed forces by publishing a Satire article on Facebook, under a disputed bill that according to some critic chokes media freedoms. Mr President, last months the Armed Forces brought legal action against the Voice editor-in-chief, Kyaw Min Swe, for having uploaded a hyperlink to an editorial in which he made a joke on MPs for having sat around while regular troops were slashed.

He was sent to the infamous Insein jail in Yangon on Friday to wait for the beginning of his lawsuit next weekend. There was great hope that Myanmar's first free election administration in generation would herald a new freedom of expression when it took office last year after half a century or so of reign.

However, since Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) came to power, slander charges have skyrocketed, with an increasing focus on slanderers, campaigners and reporters in the area. Campaigners say various slander legislation is used to suppress freedom of expression and prevent the press from criticizing the state. The Kyaw Min Swe is persecuted under the country's broad telecom code - known as "66(d)" - which prohibits the upload of bogus or defaming information on-line.

Kyaw Swa Naing, the author of the story, was cleared by the tribunal on Friday for not actually uploading his play. In front of reporter in front of the courts he said that the bill had to "be changed". "Journals are very hurt. Though we don't know what the sentence will be for Kyaw Min Swe.... he is now being detained," he added.

On Friday, several dozen free expression campaigners and libertarians with blank armlets and decorated faces were protesting near the atrium. "Phyo Wai said the administration has brought charges against reporters.... with a (law) to be repealed under the National Liberation Front.

At the heart of the case, the voice piece made a joke of a militaristic science fiction movie entitled "Pyi Daung Su Thit Sar" (Faithful to the Union), which praised the army's victory over militarized people. This was published just a few words before the beginning of the government's final round of strained Myanmar administration peacemaking talks with countless rebel groups, and while some of the worst struggles in years raged in the neighborhood.

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